Embedded GUI Design and Development Tool

    Embedded GUI Design and Development Tool
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    Embedded GUI Design and Development Tool

    GUI Design & Development For Industrial Devices

    Rapidly create embedded UIs for industrial devices.

    Industry LeadING BRANDS THAT Trust Us


    The team at John Deere awarded Crank Software with a 2017/2018 Supplier Innovation Award, for achieving excellence and the role that Storyboard played in the creation of their industrial dashboards and controls.

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    Rapidly create your best interface without sacrificing resources or portability

    Manufacturers of industrial devices strive to deliver high-quality graphical displays while meeting stringent power and heat efficiency requirements. Add to this explosive growth of automation and smart connected sensors and devices, industrial device manufacturers are looking to transform their user experiences.

    Storyboard is the only GUI design and development software purpose-built to help designers and developers work alongside each other, to create and deliver the best possible interface for embedded devices. Within record times, and across many supported platforms, Storyboard supports role-specific tools and languages.

    person creating a user interface design using Photoshop

    Iterate designs seamlessly with re-import and graphical compare tool


    Validate results immediately on built-in simulator or real hardware


    OS-agnostic Storyboard supports any hardware your OS supports


    Achieve 30 frames per second on resource-constrained hardware


    Portable across your entire portfolio - build once and deploy anywhere

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    Electronic control demo on a robotic arm

    Check out this sleek robotic arm running on the Embedded Artists i.MX6 SoloX COM platform. Then download ready-to-run demo images onto your own hardware and try it for yourself!

    Download NXP demo images ▸



    Tailor-made for highly-responsive industrial experiences

    Storyboard consists of tools and capabilities for UI designers and embedded software developers that enable a smooth, continual workflow while they design and validate simultaneously. Using a WYSIWYG environment, the team gets a real-time display of the final product, and visual validation of how it behaves that can be tweaked and optimized in real-time resulting in high performing applications, tailor-made for the embedded device.

    Reduce development cycles

    With role-specific tools and languages, and a parallel workflow for instant validation, teams can work at an accelerated pace.

    Do more with less

    You won’t need the largest processor to achieve what you’re looking for anymore, so you can reduce your overall BOM.

    Re-use GUI designs

    Leverage the investment R&D has already made in the development of displays, and re-use them across other product lines.


    Customer spotlight: Parker Electronic Controls

    To create a new family of scalable HMI displays for material handling electronic controls, Parker Electronic Controls relied on Storyboard to move rapidly from prototype to production.

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    We really have an appreciation for how well you know your product and the myriad of devices it works with.
    Michael Coyne
    Software Developer, Parker Hannifin Canada

    Deliver GUIs fast for resource-constrained industrial controls.

    Try Storyboard for industrial devices.