Embedded GUIs optimized for Microcontrollers (MCUs)

From tiny controls on memory-restricted MCUs to complex solutions on quad-core MPUs, Storyboard goes where you need.


Create GUIs for resource-constrained devices

With 20+ partners, Storyboard supports the widest range of hardware platforms for embedded GUI framework development. From a small, wearables watch to a luxury automotive cluster, Storyboard was built with your unique embedded project in mind.

Your smallest footprint possible

With Storyboard, you can develop high-quality user experiences that are highly optimized for tightly resourced devices. It's designed to deliver efficient applications using a collaborative workflow between designers and developers, ensuring the best experience for users without consuming power and memory.



Deploy optimized user experiences to resource-constrained targets

Storyboard delivers the following benefits for deploying GUIs to MCUs.

Lean applications

Storyboard includes capabilities designed to develop reduced-footprint applications. With a runtime streamlined for resource savings and choice between C-callback and Lua APIs, Storyboard gives you tight control over memory usage.

Clear insight into resource data

Our Performance Metrics give you insight into your embedded app’s resources while you build. This visibility allows you to develop with memory in mind while still maximizing performance and functionality.

Reduced footprint

Storyboard’s Resource Export Configuration provides actionable feedback about your application footprint that allows you to finely-tune how and what you export to your target, to get the best out of your chosen hardware platform.

Increased reusability

Storyboard helps you develop the same application for multiple platforms by turning on and off the content you need, maximizing reusability and reducing time and waste for your project.

Development principles for sophisticated wearable GUI experiences

From framebuffers to GIFs, this e-book explains key embedded graphical user interface (GUI) concepts to get the most out of the memory and graphics capabilities of your smart watch and wearable platforms.


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We chose Crank Software and Storyboard because they support all hardware platforms, they're affordable, and their profitability year after year shows they're not going anywhere.
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Create embedded UIs on any hardware platform

Storyboard’s unique architecture is compatible with MCUs, crossover processors, and MPUs, giving you the freedom to create embedded applications that scale markets and hardware platforms. Help de-risk your embedded project by introducing a UI development tool that easily supports hardware changes and at any point in your development cycle.



Operating system flexibility

Storyboard gives you your own choice when it comes to choosing an operating system that’s best-suited for your embedded project. Whether you’re selecting an OS for a resource-constrained MCU or a high-performance MPU, or something in between, Storyboard’s support for a wide range of operating systems allows you to switch back and forth depending on your requirements.

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Take Storyboard for a test drive

 Import your design, add code, refine behavior and see your app on any platform in 10 minutes. How’s that for fast?