Integrate systems

Rest assured that with Storyboard, communication between your GUI and platform will be seamless.

Connect, define, and simulate

Hear directly from Crank's Field Application Engineer, Nik Schultz on how Storyboard was architected from the beginning to better facilitate communication between the platform and user interface.


Modern architecture

Storyboard’s API gives developers access to the embedded engine through a messaging interface to manipulate data and work with events and user interface components, making system communication seamless.


Simulate events

Storyboard connector allows you to define, test, and simulate system events directly from the Storyboard designer event editor, without having to use a command line and disrupt workflow - all without access to physical hardware.


Workflow for the entire team

With events defined and tested in Storyboard connector’s event editor, the design and development teams are able to work in parallel to complete and iterate the project functionality efficiently.  



Architecting Storyboard applications

Learn how to architect applications to create products that are easy to update and stand the test of time.

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