Animated UI design

Add thoughtful Storyboard animations into your UI designs to create award-winning user experiences.


Create movement to make your UI applications come to life

Animations are touchscreen design elements that become critical components of a high-res design, taking your UI design to the next level. Storyboard allows designers and their teams to add thoughtful animations into their designs to create award-winning user experiences.

Putting your UI in motion

Adding animations to your design is for more than just visual appeal and interesting effects. There are functional benefits that come with integrating subtle and thoughtful UI animations that can improve overall usability and make the navigation of your embedded application more intuitive.

Storyboard’s Animation Recorder allows you to track all changes made to an application and automatically create a new animation reflecting the activity between the start and end points of those changed items.

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Previewing your UI animations on-demand

Preview animation refinements directly within Storyboard in an easy-to-use playback window that shows animations in full capacity or frame-by-frame.

This is the perfect opportunity to show your Storyboard animations off to your team and ask for feedback. They’ll be able to see a holistic view of each animation and can drill down to individual frames to see if any changes need to be made.


Delivering a polished user experience

To deliver a polished end user experience, designers need tools that allow them to easily create, view, and refine animations. They also need to be able to quickly respond to design changes and create UIs for a variety of screens. This means animations have to be easy to iterate and scale - whether they're static or animated GIFs.

Storyboard’s Animation Timeline provides control over how animations are to be played - forward or in reverse. You'll be able to control at what part of the animation is to run based upon back-end events or defined scenarios


Working backwards to move forwards

When adding animations, including animated GIFs, into your embedded UI design, you can actually save time by creating reverse animations. Storyboard allows you to carry out the same steps but in the opposite direction, with the click of a button. 

See the full experience of your UI animations forwards and backwards without spending double the time re-creating it. This leaves you with more time to focus on creating an intuitive and game-changing experience for your users.

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“During the average design process, there is usually a lot of churn. But because of Crank’s tool, the churn has been reduced significantly. Crank Software allows us to take a Photoshop file and turn into a live design in a very short period of time”
True Ngyen
User Experience Designer

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