Managing project iterations 

Transform your UI design iterations faster and together in Storyboard.



Teamwork makes the dream work, in parallel

Modern touchscreen products require a modern workflow and development environment to make magic happen. With linear, old school methodologies taking a backseat to agile and lean models, projects can now be developed in parallel, rather than in an assembly line fashion.

That’s how we designed Storyboard, our UI design software. With Storyboard and its parallel workflow, product teams can collaboratively create rich, embedded UIs alongside one another. Designers can import 2D and 3D graphics from UI design tools and build up the content while developers code and attach actions to the graphics - without destroying each other’s progress. Learn more about how to improve development efficiency by using collaborative workflows in this best practices guide.

designer managing UI iterations in Storyboard

Start embedded development early

You might not have a full product brief sorted out, all of the specification details yet or know what hardware you’ll be working with. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get a jumpstart on creating the UI design or developing the code and events for your embedded application.

With Storyboard, UI design software, your team can feel confident in their project tasks, knowing that they can work through them at their own pace throughout the development process, without disrupting others.

designer managing UI iterations in Storyboard
UI design reimport tool in Storyboard

Re-import graphics in a couple clicks

Stakeholders often don’t know what they like until you show them something that they don’t. Same goes with teammates.  Storyboard’s Re-Import functionality allows you to easily update your UI graphics as often as needed until your project is out the door.

Just finished a rebrand? Re-import updated designs from your Photoshop design without affecting the effort of the rest of the team or overwriting prior development effort in your Storyboard project. Create a new skin or brand without having to create a completely new application.

Learn more about importing design files ▸

Crank allowed us not to worry about the costs or time we would have otherwise incurred when dealing with rounds of design feedback. Instead, we’ve been able focus on delivering a feature-rich user experience for our customers.
Chief Engineer of Innovation

Stay in control by comparing and merging changes

Great embedded UI products take time. Many factors can influence the UI and contribute to changes, making it essential to manage design iteration efficiently. Whether you’re creating turnkey applications with custom branding or products requiring a reskin, additional features, or new screen dimensions, change is inevitable.

The development team can stay in sync by using Storyboard’s Compare and Merge functionality to compare any changes needed and then merge the individual components that those changes require. This agile process leads to a refined product that reflects the best of the entire team.




Get stakeholder buy-in whenever, wherever

There’s no reason to wait until the end of all of your hard development and design work to get stakeholder buy-in. Your Storyboard project can be reviewed and tested through ongoing iteration in the development process without causing a complete teardown of code or design.

Learn more about UI testing and validation ▸

We were entering a new product category that competitors have been successful at for years. Crank Software helped ensure we were successful by giving us the platform to innovate and update our product quickly to emerging market requirements.
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Respond to design changes with ease

Whether you’re going through an exciting rebrand or implementing changes to impress stakeholders, see how the agile Storyboard environment makes it easier.