Testing and validation of your embedded GUI

Test and validate embedded projects at an earlier stage in your development cycle to improve overall performance.


Nobody likes a sub-par user experience

Before Storyboard, embedded product development teams would need to validate their GUI performance on actual hardware with a process that was complicated and time-consuming if their end-target hardware was not onsite. This would result in sluggish GUI performance and a sub-par experience for consumers. Not what you want.

Testing at any stage of GUI development

Now, teams worldwide can apply events to a target device through the back-end to simulate and test how their GUIs will perform to improve their GUI validation process. They can make design and performance adjustments regardless of their location or stage of development.

Designers are also enabled to test how the GUI design performs on the physical device, turning what could be weeks into seconds for GUI validation.

Interact with your app in real-time without hardware

Storyboard’s built-in Simulator allows you to quickly see and interact with your GUI design and behavior in real-time, without having to deploy to any hardware or target device. That way, your team of designers and developers can focus on what they do best - creating exceptional GUI experiences.

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Improve your feedback loop with app deployment options

With only a couple of clicks, you can quickly deploy your application onto real hardware to improve the feedback loop for design validation and stakeholder buy-in.

Application deployment options, including direct-to-target (SCP) transfer, make it easier to share Storyboard projects leading to faster UI testing and improved understanding of how design choices will affect the user experience.

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Share progress with portable GUI prototyping

Usability UI testing and stakeholder feedback are critical for moving your embedded project along. To make sure you’re on track, you’ll want to share your progress as a rapid prototype.

Storyboard makes testing and GUI validation simple by allowing you to export your application to a mobile device for a truly hands-on user testing experience.

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We have released our product into the wild and set the new standard for similar systems in the industry. Because of Storyboard, it now most certainly has the "wow" factor we needed to make it into a successful and very popular system.
Henk Bezuidenhout
Embedded IQ

Work worldwide with Remote Event Communications

UI development and fine-tuning can be made a smoother process with Storyboard’s support for remote event communications. Built to help product development teams test, validate, and optimize their projects at a much earlier stage in the development cycle and remotely using TCP/IP connections, UX-driven products are able to get to market faster with improved touch screen experiences. 

With the Storyboard IO Connector, teams worldwide can apply events to a target device through the back-end using TCP/IP connections to simulate and test how their UIs will perform. This means you can make adjustments to your GUI for further validation - regardless of your location or stage of development.

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Focus on your user experience by GUI testing earlier

With decoupling the back-end logic of your GUI as well as support for remote event communications, product development and performance fine-tuning is made easier across teams. No longer needing to rely on face-to-face client meetings and team standups, GUI development time can be reduced with teams feeling enabled to virtually simulate or physically GUI testing on the target devices earlier in the development process.
Designers are now enabled to test how the GUI design performs on the physical device, turning what could be weeks into seconds for GUI validation.

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