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What is Storyboard?

Learn how to accelerate the creation of your next embedded UI with Storyboard, embedded UI development software.


Customer Highlight

Product Marketing Manager, Scott Snider, at Embedded World with award-winning products including the Thermomix TM6 from Vorwerk and the Sensi Touch Smart Thermostat from Emerson.

From Design to GUI App with Storyboard in 10 Mins

Storyboard product demo

Watch as our Sales Engineer walks through Storyboard, and steps to creating your first embedded UI


Photoshop Import

Learn how to import a design file into Storyboard from Photoshop to start developing your embedded GUI project.


About Crank Software

Learn why major brands use Crank Software to build award winning products that are recognized globally.

Getting Started with Storyboard_Importing and reimporting with Sketch

Importing and Re-importing Sketch Design Files

Learn about the new enhanced Sketch design file import workflow with the release of Crank Storyboard 7.0.


Embedded Expert Conversations

Characteristics of well-designed embedded GUI testing

In this live session watch Thomas Fletcher, VP of R&D at Crank Software walk through the embedded GUI testing techniques available, today's best practices, and how to circumvent the challenges of GUI testing.

Optimizing Graphics Memory in Embedded Systems

There are a variety of different image formats available for embedded UIs. This live will cover when and where they should be used, how to handle memory fragmentation, and use flash memory as a place to store content, while still leveraging RAM optimal for execution.

Building Embedded GUIs for MCUs versus MPUs

There are fundamental differences in developing embedded GUI applications for MCUs and MPUs. However, as MCU performance and functionality continue to improve, the boundaries between the two have started to become murky.

Glue Logic for your UI

Why and how to keep your embedded UI and business logic separate and the role that "glue logic" plays in maintaining this separation.

Memory Optimization Considerations for Embedded Graphics Applications

In this live video, hear Thomas Fletcher, Crank Software's Co-Founder and VP R&D, talk about the different memory optimization options available for those building on MCUs and MPUs, and how to organize memory use for highest performance.


Karlheinz Blankenbach | Trends and Innovations in Embedded UIs 

The Crank Software team met up with Karlheinz Blankenbach, Embedded Displays Conference chair and experienced professor, at Embedded World 2020 to chat about the trends and innovations he's seen in the embedded GUI space.

Keeping Your Embedded GUI Responsive with Task Prioritization

Learn the implications and advantages of prioritized selection of UI tasks within embedded operating systems, and the impact on user experience.


Embedded GUI Fonts - Bitmap or Rendered Graphics?

When should you use bitmap or engine rendered graphics in your embedded GUI, and what are the performance limitations? Which font types are better suited for MCUs and MPUs? Your choice will determine the performance so choose wisely.

Sebastian Ullherr | Trends and Innovations in Embedded UIs

The Crank Software team met up with Sebastian Ullherr, Managing Partner at interfacewerk, at Embedded World 2020 to chat about the trends and innovations he's seen in the embedded GUI space.


Getting Started with Storyboard

Video Tutorial Series

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Importing design files from Photoshop

Getting Started With Storyboard


Estimating memory & storage size

Getting Started With Storyboard


Exporting your UI to target with SCP Transfer

Getting Started With Storyboard


Hardware Demos

See Storyboard-built UI applications running on hardware, and then download the sample demo image applications to experience yourself.

See all hardware demos ▸

NXP Demos

See Storyboard on NXP hardware and download sample apps.

STMicroelectronics Demos

Experience Storyboard-built UIs on ST MCUs and MPUs.

Microchip Demos

Watch, then interact with demo UIs on Microchip hardware.


Featured Webinars

Watch Crank and partners share best practices around embedded development, UI and UX design and hardware optimization tricks and techniques.


Storyboard 7.0 webinar featured resource

Powering sophisticated embedded GUI development
with Storyboard 7.0

Join Crank Software's Lead Product Architect, Rodney Dowdall, as he demonstrates all the great new enhancements introduced within Storyboard 7.0.

This includes the introduction of automatic table looping that removes the need to manually write code to do it, screen transitioning via a screen drag, gradients not tied to a canvas making it possible to rendered on MCU platforms, and imported SVG files rasterized on export to reduce performance requirements during runtime making it even easier to build tightly-resourced GUIs that are ideal for power-efficient hardware.

1 hr


Achieve exceptional graphics for IOT devices of tomorrow with NXP i.MX 8M Nano

The writing on the wall is clear. The considerable growth and massive investment in smart devices combined with the promise of AI and ML has opened new vistas for IOT-led innovation. Thanks to processors such as those in the NXP i.MX 8M family of applications processors, and advancements in HMI technology expediated by embedded graphics tools such as Crank Storyboard, consumers have plenty to get excited about when it comes to connected devices.

1 hr


Frictionless creation of brilliant graphics on microcontrollers ▸

Crank and NXP have joined forces to offer Crank Storyboard as part of the MCUXpresso SDK. It's now easier and faster than ever to include a smartphone-like UI in your i.MX RT Series-based application.

With these solutions being scalable yet affordable, you no longer have to compromise on a modern UI design.

*The MCUXpresso SDK brings open source drivers, middleware, and reference example applications together to speed up your development process.

1 hr


See Storyboard On Our Partners Hardware Boards

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Boundary Devices   |   Texas Instruments   |   Renesas


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