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To keep up with rapidly evolving consumer demands, Tier 1 and OEM manufacturers recognize the need to deliver innovative digital instrument clusters, driver information displays, and in-vehicle infotainment systems. Of all automotive GUI and HMI tools, Storyboard is the only platform that brings designers and developers together, treating them as equals to design rich, intuitive in-vehicle experiences without sacrificing resources or performance.


Import graphics, PSD files, or Sketch documents directly with layers and names preserved


Add animation to objects easily with built-in animation timeline


Insert behavior into graphics easily without having to write code


Deliver rich 3D graphics 


IEC 61508 / ISO 26262 guidance available upon request

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"I definitely would say [AMETEK Crank] exceeded our expectations. They were nailing it every time with the GUI. In parallel, they were already implementing those assets as the GUI designs iteration—which kind of caught me off guard. They were a lot further ahead in the process than we were."
Brian Gallagher
Team lead HMI development, Aptera
"During the ordinary design process there is usually a lot of churn, but because of AMETEK Crank’s tool, the churn has been reduced significantly. AMETEK Crank allows us to take a Photoshop file into a live design in a very short period of time."
True Nguyen
User Experience Designer, QNX Software Systems
Aptera logo
“AMETEK Crank has an amazing support mechanism in place. They want their customers to succeed, and they're willing to assign resources to work with you throughout the process. I know with other commercial HMI software tools you may not get that type of support.”
Brian Gallagher
Team lead, HMI development, Aptera
Dometic logo
"Storyboard's own UI is more intuitive than others, and the fact I could write with Lua scripting sealed the deal. It felt natural and wasn't available with the alternatives."
Paul Argue
Lead Engineer of Connectivity and Software, Dometic

Racing towards a sustainable transportation future

Aptera’s founders, Chris Anthony and Steve Fambro, pursued an aggressive schedule to bring their first vehicle to market in less than one year. Their search for a partner led to AMETEK Crank and Storyboard, resulting in a massively-successful vehicle launch.

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Aptera vehicle interior

Storyboard in the Bentley Technology Concept Car

QNX and AMETEK Crank rallied together to deliver a technology concept car with the first digital light projection HMI - just in time for the Consumer Electronics Show.

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Learn the differences between AMETEK Crank's Storyboard and Qt's GUI design tool and why global consumer brands and hardware platforms use Storyboard as a Qt alternative.

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Understand the integration of graphics hardware onto real-time processors, and the advantages they have over pure software rendering including power consumption, CPU utilization, and frame rates.

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Rapid HMI development for the future of transportation ▸

Developing an automotive HMI in less than a year: How Aptera partnered with AMETEK Crank’s Professional Services for their solar-powered electric vehicle.

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Prove you’re at the cutting edge with our automotive GUI and HMI tools

Whether you’re deploying the most innovative digital display for the next concept car, or looking for an advanced driver information display, Storyboard helps your user experience designers and embedded software developers work together to see their vision come to high-performance, safety-certified reality.

Faster development cycles

Have your automotive GUI working in no time and see exactly what will be seen in the final product, validate and start making changes earlier.

Extremely performant

Build an embedded graphics framework that demonstrates the superior touch screen user experience you are looking to deliver.

Scale up or down

Create applications for anything from the highest performance devices down to the lowest MCUs.

Storyboard-created LCD displays in the NASCAR cockpit

When NASCAR asked the global leader of premium gauges, instrumentation and test equipment, to develop a fully customizable LCD instrumentation system for the NASCAR cockpit, Auto Meter jumped at the chance to use Storyboard.

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