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Embedded graphical user interface framework for building rich experiences with long battery life.


Wide Hardware Support

From MPUs to MCUs, and across all OS, Crank’s platform helps embedded teams create sleek high fidelity graphics more efficiently. Because of Storyboard's unique architecture, runtimes are optimized for custom hardware, so performance is always optimal.

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Appliances & White Goods  ▸

Stay on top of the rapidly evolving smart appliance and white goods market. From the kitchen to the laundry room, develop products that make day-to-day life tasks a little less mundane, and a lot more beautiful.

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Target the fast-growing wearables and smartwatch markets with high-quality UX that meets strict power and resource constraints to deliver apps, connectivity, and services as close to the consumer as possible.

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Smart Home

The future looks bright for smart home technology and touchscreens. From lighting to temperature control, to keeping our families safe, create interfaces that families interact with daily. 

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IoT devices utilize a range of interaction modalities, from voice to smartphone-controlled to touchscreens. A Storyboard GUI ensures you can seamlessly integrate and scale hardware.

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Medical applications require interfaces that are intuitive, reliable, and easy-to-use. Storyboard's unique workflow allows your team to focus on the details that matter most.

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From fine-tuned digital instrument clusters to engaging infotainment screens to next-gen HMI displays, Storyboard enables you to drive excellence in automotive design. 

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"I definitely would say [Crank AMETEK] exceeded our expectations. They were nailing it every time with the GUI. In parallel, they were already implementing those assets as the GUI designs iteration—which kind of caught me off guard. They were a lot further ahead in the process than we were."
Brian Gallagher
Team lead HMI development, Aptera
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"Using Storyboard allowed us to create a fashionable graphical interface while optimizing power and memory budgets, among other efficiencies. The result is a hyper-modern user experience and longer battery life, empowering consumers to live smarter in different scenarios.."
Meihui Fan
CTO, Zepp Health
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"We’re constantly innovating, and Storyboard lets us tweak the graphics and optimize the animations with great ease, with minimal impact on our product development cycles. In fact, our users often comment on how much they like the touch screen interface and how quick and easy it is to set up."
Michael Holmes
Senior Software Engineer, Ventec Life Systems
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"The nice thing about Storyboard was its platform independence, and the ability to run GUI applications on almost anything from Linux to bare metal. We wanted to move fast and needed the option to scale to any hardware in a cost-effective way, so we chose Crank AMETEK pretty quickly.”
Jeff Hochtritt
Manager of Global Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Alliance

Design freedom with state of art performance.

Customers love to work with Crank because they know Storyboard will help them create aspirational GUI experiences, even on limited microcontroller based hardware. Discover why Crank Software has become the trusted embedded GUI framework across the wearables, industrial, healthcare, smart home, and appliances industries.

Faster cycles, faster

When UX designers and embedded developers use Storyboard’s Rapid Design Import and Iteration Technology, teams are able to create and validate products at a far superior pace.

High-performance apps

GUIs created in Storyboard are designed, validated, tweaked, and continually optimized for the embedded device from the get-go, ensuring maximum power efficiency and performance.

Future proof and
reuse your designs

Create scalable, cross-platform GUIs for anything from the highest performance connected devices down to the lowest MCUs.


Import design files and optimize without code

Storyboard was built to make the embedded design and development process easier. Easily import Photoshop, Illustrator or Sketch design files and animate with familiar tools. Meanwhile, developers can focus on code optimization, for faster prototyping and fine-tuning on the target device.

What makes us different
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Get to market faster with our developers

From design to development and everything in between, our professional services team are there to help augment your team when required, or bring additional Storyboard expertise to your project, to help you get to market up to 50% faster and more cost-effectively than hiring FTE or external consultants.

Our Professional Services
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Get started quickly

We want your embedded GUI to define your brand, to win you awards and exceed customer expectations. Download a free trial and then follow our step-by-step video tutorial to create a sample GUI to flash to your evaluation hardware.

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