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Whether a portable monitor, pump, or robotic surgery system, our UI development tool, Storyboard, is a proven solution for medical UIs.

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To keep pace with rapid innovations in patient diagnostics, collaborative care, and connected systems, medical device manufacturers recognize the need to deliver user experiences that simplify increasingly complex operations, into clear and safe procedures.

Whether it's a portable monitor, infusion pump, or robotic surgery system, our UI development tool, Storyboard, is a proven solution for custom medical UIs where high-reliability and ease-of-use for the operator are critical factors. Storyboard connects UI designers and developers in a productive, parallel workflow, that accelerates the design and validation of high-performance, reliable user interfaces on low-power, low-cost platforms.

wearable medical UI product

Import directly from Photoshop, with layers, order and names 


Animate objects easily with built-in animation timeline


Add behavior to graphics quickly, without having to write code


Deliver rich 3D graphics with support for Autodesk FBX, OBJ, and OpenGL ES


Enforce clean architectural separation between UI and application

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Ventec updates GUI for COVID-19

Ventec needed to produce a GUI to serve the needs of medical professionals on the COVID-19 frontline and offer a smartphone-like experience.  
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Vitals monitor using medical Storyboard UI on Microchip

Featured at the Microchip MASTERS, this short video showcases a medical demo of a patient vitals monitor embedded on the SAMA5D2, created in collaboration with Microchip.


When reliability and intuitiveness are critical

Storyboard separates the developer and designer environments for ease of adoption, yet enables a parallel workflow so that design and validation can always be moving forward. With WYSIWYG editing, teams get a visual of the product on the target device, whose behaviour can be tweaked and optimized in real-time, resulting in reliable performance without ever compromising UX design or resource availability.

Faster iterations

With separate but parallel work environments, designers and engineers can work at the same time, on the same code base.

Save money

Reduce your BOM by minimizing your software's footprint, as well as memory and power draw without sacrificing performance!

Scale up or down

Create applications for anything from the highest performance devices down to the lowest MCUs.


Fortune 500 company uses Storyboard

Our client saved over $80K+ in development costs and took roughly 1/10 of the time to build a Storyboard UI, then it would have taken using their existing tools.

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Crank's graphics software package demonstrated a great touch screen experience for our users, and showcased our demo’s ability to integrate multiple medical device data streams into a single cohesive design.
Marten L. Smith
Medical Products Group, Microchip Technology

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