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Storyboard GUI development framework enables you to design & develop advanced healthcare UI designs with ease in less time

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Enhancing healthcare UI design for exceptional product experiences

In today's world, users demand top-notch design, while regulators require user safety. To easily satisfy both, the introduction of an intuitive yet visually appealing UI design is key.

Simplifying complex operations through streamlined and intuitive interfaces is where Crank's Storyboard embedded GUI development framework comes into play. Through its parallel development workflow, software developers and healthcare UX designers can seamlessly work together to develop and enhance UI applications faster, so that you can take the best product to market quicker.

Challenges in healthcare UI design

The development of products for your market can be challenging. It's an industry where the stakes are high, every second counts, and patient outcomes are paramount.

This is why the user experience is vital to helping ensure that doctors & patients have the best possible experience.

While good UI design can improve the patient experience, great UI design can increase user satisfaction and improve patient safety. 



How Crank Storyboard can help you?

Enhance the performance, reliability, and experience of healthcare GUIs with Crank's Storyboard, a GUI design & development framework built specifically for embedded systems.

Storyboard enables UX designers and developers to collaborate seamlessly on the development of the UI to help accelerate its development. The most advantageous aspect of working with Storyboard is that you can achieve the benefits of coding healthcare UI apps without the need for heavy coding. Whether it's a healthcare UI app for powerful MPUs or for low-power, low-cost MCUs, Storyboard's agnostic framework enables you to develop both using a single tool.

With Storyboard, you can easily create high-quality UI experiences for a range of healthcare apps and devices, including infusion pumps, portable monitors, robotic surgery systems, and more. 




Import directly from Photoshop, Sketch, Figma with layers, order, & names


Built-in animation timeline helps to animate objects easily


Add behavior to graphics quickly without writing a code


Deliver rich 3D graphics with support for Autodesk FBX, OBJ, and OpenGL ES


Enforce clean architectural separation between GUI and application

Bug Test Validate

Test, validate and fix bugs in the early stage of development with inbuilt UI testing framework

Faster cycles, faster time-to-market

By utilizing Storyboard's Rapid Design Import and Iteration Technology, both UX designers and embedded developers can create and validate products at a significantly faster rate.

Save money

Cut your costs by reducing your BOM through optimized software footprint, memory, and power management, all while maintaining high performance.

Scale up or down

Develop healthcare UI apps that can run on a wide range of devices, from high-performance devices to low-end MCUs.

Want to try it for yourself? Download Storyboard today and try creating your own healthcare UI application

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Hardware partners that trust us
Ventec Life Systems logo
"We’re constantly innovating, and Storyboard lets us tweak the graphics and optimize the animations with great ease, with minimal impact on our product development cycles. In fact, our users often comment on how much they like the touch screen interface and how quick and easy it is to set up."
Michael Holmes
Senior Software Engineer, Ventec Life Systems
"Crank's graphics software package demonstrated a great touch screen experience for our users, and showcased our demo’s ability to integrate multiple medical device data streams into a single cohesive design."
Marten L. Smith
Medical Products Group, Microchip Technology

Real-world cases of how Storyboard helped to elevate healthcare UX

See how Storyboard has assisted vital healthcare organizations in conserving time, resources, and effort.

A life-saving ventilator updates its GUI experience rapidly to assist patients during the COVID-19 outbreak

To meet the needs of healthcare professionals on the frontlines of COVID-19, Ventec developed a smartphone-like interface for medical equipment.   

See how Storyboard helped them achieve this ▸


A Fortune 500 med-tech giant reduced their development costs by $80K+ with Storyboard

Our customer was able to save over $80,000 in development expenses and complete the construction of a GUI 10x times faster than with their previous development tool by utilizing Storyboard's collaborative development framework.

See why they chose to use Storyboard ▸

Fortune 500 medtech manufacturer

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