Storyboard product support and training

However you’re using our embedded UI platform, we’ve got you covered.


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Empower your embedded product team to take full advantage of Storyboard

Our Support team’s mission is to help you resolve any challenges you may experience, big and small, while developing your embedded UI using Storyboard best practices. If you need a helping hand, we can quickly become an extra teammate, ensuring your product development team has all of the support it needs to work successfully. Or, we’re just one live chat, email, or plane ride away! Together, we can create award-winning user experiences for your customers.

Self-Guided Storyboard Support

We’ll help you help yourself. You know what works best for your team so we have step-by-step Storyboard resources and experts available to help you along.


Help Center

We help companies from all kinds of industries, so chances are we’ve answered your question before. From support docs to videos, quickly dive into all things Storyboard.


Video Library

From demos on hardware to short step-by-step tutorials, our Video Library will help guide you in creating your first embedded UI application with Storyboard.


Getting Started Webinar

Learn the ins and outs of Storyboard with this 45 minute live session, put on by our team of technical experts. They’ll walk you through the basics and allow you to get all your questions answered in real time.


Advanced User Training

Take your Storyboard knowledge to the next level with advanced tips and techniques in this 45 minute live session, put on by our team of technical experts.


Visit Community Forum

Engage with other active and past Storyboard users in the new Crank community forum, and see your peers have solved similar embedded UI challenges.


Contact Support Team

Bring our experts into your projects early to get the most out of Storyboard. We provide tailored support at every stage of your product development cycle.

In-Person Storyboard Training

We’ll travel around the world to train teams who use Storyboard to create their best embedded UI products. From beginners to seasoned users, our sessions help you feel more confident working in Storyboard. Training is available virtually or on-site, with our Storyboard experts following a flexible agenda to pace the training based on level of knowledge.


Get Customized Training Exclusively For Your Team

Unique training solutions to fit your team’s needs, delivered by our Training team. From feature overviews to diving into development, pick and choose your own agenda.

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Attend a Scheduled Training Session For All

Topic-specific courses for real-time learning about Storyboard and its key features, hosted with our Partners and knowledgeable Crank Support team across North America.

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Using Storyboard with the support of Crank’s team was the right choice for us. They’ve enabled us to produce a diverse portfolio of graphics options for our customers and to meet the short timelines that are typically required.
Electronics Engineering Manager
Crank's support has been great, they are very knowledgeable and it feels like I am having a conversation with a person rather than a disembodied support call center rep.
Senior UX Designer

Need another UI designer or developer to jump in?

With 25+ years of embedded expertise, our team of designers, developers and engineers have you covered and can jump in to help you with your project any time.

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