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Effortlessly test, enhance, and deploy exceptional embedded GUI experiences.

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Delight customers with exceptional UI experiences

Nobody likes a sub-par user experience. As the main point of interaction for embedded devices with screens, ensuring it performs as intended is a crucial part of the development process.
Validator is our powerful, easy-to-use embedded GUI testing framework that streamlines the testing process for Storyboard-built GUI applications.
Developed by our team of embedded GUI experts who recognize the critical role of GUIs in embedded products, Validator is integrated into the Storyboard development workflow enabling you to effortlessly develop, test, and deploy exceptional GUI experiences.

Automate GUI testing at any stage of development

Manual end-to-end testing of embedded GUI applications can be time-consuming and laborious.

That's why we created Validator, an automated GUI testing framework specifically designed to simplify the testing process for Storyboard-built GUI applications. By automating repetitive and complex tests, Validator makes it easier to test more frequently, enabling the early detection of issues and ultimately developing exceptional user experiences.

Benefits of Validator

Whether you're a software developer, QA engineer, or system integrator, Validator can help you accelerate your embedded GUI development process, improve the quality of your user experience, and reduce your testing costs.

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Development efficiency

Integrated within the Storyboard IDE helps streamline the overall GUI development process. 

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Optimized UI apps

Increase testing frequency through the use of repeatable test cases to catch errors and issues earlier. 

Cross-project reusability  

Tests developed for one project can be leveraged for other projects and hardware platforms.

Test on MPU hardware

Validate your GUI application functionality using the built-in Simulator or directly on target MPU hardware platforms.

Waving Bill

Reduced costs

Eliminate the need to develop in-house tools or purchasing expensive external tools for  GUI testing needs. 

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Continuous refinement 

Save time and effort when testing new features and enhancements being introduced to existing products.

Improved collaboration 

Generate reports to share with the project team on the status of the UI performance.

Jenkins Integration 

Incorporate test runs into a system that runs independently or regularly without the need for a manual trigger.
"Validator provided our team with a comprehensive set of test cases for ensuring the functionality and experience we were developing worked as intended.”
Xiaolin Ma
Software Development Engineer, Dalian Zewin Technology
"We have released our product into the wild and set the new standard for similar systems in the industry. Because of Storyboard, it now most certainly has the "wow" factor we needed to make it into a successful and very popular system."
Henk Bezuidenhout
Embedded IQ
“With Storyboard, we’re able to gain the valuable insight we need to continually improve the UX. Being presented visually makes it easier to identify the UI elements that could impact the performance or user experience when actually deployed.”
Richard Bister
Managing Director of Embedded Elements

Make testing an intrinsic part of GUI development

Now, development teams can make embedded GUI testing an intrinsic part of their GUI development process.  With an easy-to-use interface and powerful automation capabilities all integrated within the Storyboard IDE, Validator makes it easy to streamline the testing process. 

Developers can test how the GUI design performs, turning what could have been weeks into seconds for GUI validation. If tweaks are required, design and performance adjustments can be made sooner rather than later in the development cycle.



Leverage the built-in Simulator to evaluate functionality with deploying to hardware

Leveraging Storyboard’s built-in Simulator, you can quickly test and evaluate the performance of your GUI application in real-time, without having to deploy it to any hardware or target device.

That way,  your team can catch and fix issues early, ensuring the application functions the way it was intended to.  

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A systematic approach to enhanced user experiences

While manual testing can be effective, it can also be time-consuming and sometimes prone to errors that may negatively impact the user experience.

By integrating with Jenkins, you can transform the testing process into an automated one for identifying and addressing usability issues early in the GUI development process.




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  • What is Validator?

    Validator is an automated GUI testing framework that is tightly integrated within Storyboard and is comprised of a set of tools and methods used to automate the testing of GUIs built for embedded devices.

    It allows embedded developers to create and execute tests to ensure that the GUI application is functioning correctly and providing an exceptional user experience for the user of the product. 

  • What hardware platforms does Validator support testing on?

    Validator can be used to test any Storyboard application being built for MCU or MPU platforms using its Simulator tool.

    Storyboard-built UI applications can be tested directly on any MPU hardware currently supported by Storyboard.

  • Can Validator be used to test web, mobile, or non-Storyboard build UI applications?

    No, at this point Validator has been designed to work specifically with Storyboard and therefore only test Storyboard-built GUI applications only.

  • How do I add Validator to the Storyboard IDE environment?
    Validator can be easily added to the Storyboard 8.0 IDE environment in one of two ways. 

    1)    Purchased as a bundle along with Storyboard (8.0 or higher) 
    2)    Added to the Storyboard environment later, as an add-on purchase.  

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