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Augment your embedded development team with our team of experts, and get to market faster.





You have the vision. We have the team.

No matter what you’re trying to create, we are here to make your job easier.

Our team of embedded GUI development experts, specializing in backend, frontend, and UI design, will work with you one-on-one to tailor a solution around your product vision.

From startups to Fortune 500 firms, we’ve worked with white goods, smart home, automotive, medical, and industrial companies to ensure embedded projects of all kinds are successful.

Here's how our team can help.

We are your trusted partner throughout the entire GUI design and development process - from the spark of the idea to its completion.




GUI Design

Take advantage of the hardware you’re targeting with 2D and 3D graphics optimized for your device and created just the way you want them.

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Development & Integration

Save time and resources. You give us your requirements and we make it happen by developing a high-performance embedded GUI device optimized for maximum efficiency.

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Prototypes & Demos

Show off a sophisticated, high resolution touch screen prototype that brings your intended customer experience to life.

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Testing & Validation

Let our embedded GUI experts put your application through rigorous testing. Issues will be worked through, and your app will be optimized for performance.

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Looking for Product Development Services

Elevate your product design with Creaform Engineering Services 

Looking for industrial design support for your product? Look no further than Creaform Engineering, the parent company of Crank.

Their team of more than 200 skilled professionals work closely with clients to achieve their goals in product development, industrial design, mechanical and electronic engineering and numerical simulation. Creaform Engineering can help you find the perfect balance of innovation, aesthetics, and functionality in your next product.



“When we build our next product, we will be using Crank AMETEK without hesitation. Crank provided the best 3rd party development team I've ever worked with. They delivered on their promises, and ensured our product launched on time.”
Rishi Siravuri
Chief Engineer, Emerson
"It has been a joy to work with the folks in Crank's Professional Services team. The team has done a great job in preparing us for the eventual transition of the project. Plus, the project would not be where it is today without the team's contribution."
Dan Wells
Development Manager
"Crank helped us to develop a medical device demo. Their software not only demonstrated a great touch screen experience for the users, but it also showcased our demo’s ability to integrate multiple data streams into a single cohesive design."
Marten L. Smith
Business Development Manager, Medical Products Group


GUI design

Have an idea but need a GUI design company to help you produce it? Need a prototype for proof of concept for a crucial meeting with key stakeholders? Our Storyboard design services are here for you.

Whether you need 2D graphics, 3D graphics, or both, Crank is the GUI design company that will provide you with everything you need to get the design done fast. From wireframes to complete prototypes, you’ll be able to bring your intended customer experience to life.  


GUI development

Need a ready-to-use embedded GUI for your product, but don’t want to involve or have an in-house engineering team? Want to test and validate your UI application for optimization? Our GUI application development team are the experts.

We can help you from start to finish, and everything in between. With planning, implementation, and maintenance of your GUI, we can create a rich application tailored to your exact requirements. Through rigorous testing, any issues will be worked through, and your app optimized for performance. With us doing the dirty work, you’ll be able to focus on what you do best.


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