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Whether you’re building a smart-connected, IoT device or tackling an upcoming project and you lack the resources you need to get it done, we are here to make your job easier. The Crank professional services team will work with you one-on-one to tailor a solution to your unique requirements. We’ve worked with companies in white goods, automotive, medical, consumer, and manufacturing to make the most complicated of embedded GUI projects, must easier and more successful.


Seeing is believing

Crank’s product and application development process complies with AS9100C and ISO 13485 standards.

Our team of skilled experts has delivered several successful products such as innovative touch-screen beverage dispensers, medical devices, smart home kitchen appliance, voice-activated ovens and a car dashboard for CES.




Our team will be your secret to success.

With over a decade of GUI and embedded systems development, our tight-knit team of passionate engineers, developers and designers will help turn your idea into a powerful, highly-responsive, user-friendly application.

Accelerate your time-to-market

Optimize UI performance for your target

Faster turnaround times

Reduced testing costs


Custom engineering services

Complete turnkey or a la carte offerings.

The development lifecycle can be incredibly complex, with multiple stakeholders. changing requirements and global team members. Ensure faster delivery and optimized performance by leveraging our experts instead. Whether we manage your project end-to-end or augment your team for various project components, we have the experts you need to lead, coordinate, or support your successful project.

Graphic design

In need of a touch screen design, wireframes and images, but lack the design talent? Leverage Crank for 2D or 3D creations optimized for your device. We do it all!


Use our team to create a sophisticated, high resolution and performance touch screen prototype that shows off your intended customer experience with major WOW factor.

Development & integration

We can work with existing design assets, or develop and optimize a high-performance GUI that is optimized for maximum efficiency on the targeted device.

Testing & optimization

Let our embedded experts put your created application through our rigorous testing process. Issues will be worked through, and your app optimized for better performance.


Our engagements always include documentation and live training so that your team is empowered to continue development on their product with Storyboard.



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Turnkey services

Outsource your entire embedded touch screen project to our designers and software engineers (not to mention, Storyboard experts) and get to market 50% faster.

When we build our next product, we will be using Crank Software - without hesitation. They provided the best 3rd party development team I've ever worked with. They delivered on their promises, and ensured our product launched on time.
Rishi Siravuri
Chief Engineer, Electronics, Emerson Thermostat


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