Platform-independent embedded UI framework

Any hardware. Any OS. Storyboard’s scalable embedded UI framework is for everyone.


Switching platforms doesn't mean starting over

Our unique, and scalable embedded UI framework means embedded developers can create their UI with the confidence that it will work with the operating system and hardware of their choice now, with the ability to seamlessly move to different hardware should their product require it later on.

This GUI flexibility means you can derisk your project by introducing a framework and process that supports technology and design changes at any point in your development cycle.

Scale up or down with MCU/MPU compatibility

Whatever hardware you end up choosing to use for your embedded device does not impact your ability to use Storyboard to create the UI.

Storyboard is compatible with all MCUs, crossover processors and MPUs, regardless of the brand or model. Our proprietary technology means the UI is separated from the back-end, until it’s exported with the hardware-specific runtime engine from our extensive library.

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Begin UI development before hardware selection

With Storyboard, the runtime engine is separated from the UI design engine, meaning you can begin the design and development of your UI before you’ve even selected your processor.

Your projects can be exported with the right runtime engine from our extensive hardware library, and the UI tested on your evaluation boards in order to help you make the right hardware decision.

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Try before you buy

Downloadable sample UIs

We’ve created a selection of UI applications for use cases including washing machines, thermostats, medical devices, and automotive dashes for you to download and try.

Each demo image has been built in Storyboard and optimized for the specific platform, so that you can experience a true Storyboard-built UI on the hardware you’re evaluating or testing.

NXP Demo Images

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ST Microelectronics Demo Images

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Microchip Demo Images

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Toradex Demo Images

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Embedded Artists Demo Images

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Renesas Demo Images

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Use the OS of your choice

Storyboard supports a variety of operating systems and continues to add more regularly including Linux, Windows, Android, FreeRTOS and iOS. With Storyboard being OS-agnostic, you're able to build your UI for the OS of your choice. Don't see your OS listed?



Leverage rendering technologies & open graphics APIs

Considering leveraging graphics APIs or rendering technologies to incorporate modern visual or 3D elements into your project? Storyboard openly supports VG Lite, OpenGL and a host of other graphic rendering technologies to ensure your project is able to take advantage of ecosystem updates as they happen.

Storyboard’s award-winning Hybrid Rendering technology, developed with NXP, provides battery-efficient support for 2D and 3D out-of-the-box.


Download sample demo images

Experience the breadth of supported platforms by getting our Storyboard demo images created  specifically for your board.

Demo Images