Embedded GUI Design and Development Tool

    Embedded GUI Design and Development Tool
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    Embedded GUI Design and Development Tool

    Embedded GUI Design Tool

    Software to rapidly create rich GUIs for embedded experiences.


    What makes Storyboard different?

    Storyboard is different because it was built exclusively for embedded, by a team of experienced GUI designers and software engineers who recognized that there had to be a better way. Designing, then validating, then going back to the drawing board was wasting too much valuable time, effort and money. Innovation was critical, and going to market with a semi-sufficient embedded touch screen was no longer acceptable. 

    With Storyboard, you can build an embedded application from start to finish in 10 minutes. Start in Photoshop, end on a target device. See for yourself, then try it yourself on a target device with our downloadable free trial.




    Keep touchscreen design at the forefront

    A smartphone experience has become the standard for touchscreen GUI products. As a designer, you care about the details many of us don’t appreciate until they become obvious in the final product. Color, animations, and other touchscreen GUI design elements are critical components of high-res design and can be kept in check with Storyboard.

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    Get into the code. Then test and debug

    Think you can’t go deep because Storyboard is so easy to use and navigate? This isn’t your average design tool. Easy to use doesn’t mean light on development possibilities. 

    Develop what’s possible 


    Build high-performance UIs that scale

    We created the platform-agnostic Storyboard tool to respond to embedded challenges like optimizing hardware acceleration and managing device resources. Create GUIs with Storyboard that are scalable and easy-to-update.

    Deploy on your preferred platform 


    Use Storyboard for:

    • Multi-market embedded GUI experiences
    • Products powered by a wide-range of MCUs to MPUs
    • Collaborative and iterative workflow for designers and developers
    • GUIs that communicate easily with the underlying system
    • Fully-functional and interactive application simulation

    All OS, all development platforms

    From operating systems to silicon platforms, Storyboard was built as a platform-agnostic tool, that also scales as you need so that you don't have to limit your choices. 

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    Need help building your next embedded GUI?

    Take Storyboard for a test drive.

    Let your designers upload a Photoshop file. Add Lua code, refine behavior, and see your application on your target device. How’s that for fast?