During the ordinary design process there is usually a lot of churn, but because of Crank’s tool, the churn has been reduced significantly. Crank Software allows us to take a Photoshop file into a live design in a very short period of time.
True Ngyen
User experience designer - QNX Software

Partner with Crank

We’re actively looking to expand our embedded GUI partner base. You’ll find our team to be a knowledgeable, fun, and reliable partner for offering.

Ideal Crank partners include:

  • Product design and management consultants who work to optimize the UI and UX of their client’s touch screen products
  • Silicon
  • Board vendors
  • Software companies
  • UI/UX design and graphic design agencies
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Partner with Crank

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Our highly qualified Crank experts are on-hand to help you identify the right partner for your high performance GUI - whether it be silicon, board vendor, software or services.

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