Embedded GUI Design and Development Tool

    Embedded GUI Design and Development Tool
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    Embedded GUI Design and Development Tool

    Crank Software Is An Authorized NXP GUI Partner

    Experience a Storyboard UI on your NXP hardware.

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    Crank Software

    An authorized NXP GUI builder


    NXP Partner for 10+ years

    Using the winning combination of NXP's high-performance applications processor and Storyboard’s collaborative and intuitive capabilities, development teams can quickly design sophisticated, appealing GUIs for consumer, industrial, and automotive applications.

    NXP customers can get robust UIs for their multi-market devices, and take advantage of Storyboard’s collaborative process and short development time.

    For over 10 years, software engineers have chosen to use Storyboard to build their GUI for NXP processors because of its consistent performance and reliability with both high- and low-power processors.


    Storyboard is the NXP GUI builder of choice for embedded professionals

    Whether you're building on an i.MX 8M, RT 1060, 7ULP or another NXP board, we wanted to help visualize your applications instantly. Seeing your hardware and GUI builder working simultaneously can be the first step towards kicking off your project. That's why we built a library of sample GUI applications in Storyboard. 

    Download Demo Images


    Storyboard is NXP compatible.

    Storyboard is scalable across the breadth of NXP’s application processors, from the crossover MCUs to the powerful MPUs. Regardless of the hardware you choose, Storyboard GUI design and development software will help you create a full-powered, highly interactive UI that will exceed today's consumer touch screen expectations.


    Test Storyboard on your NXP platform

    Storyboard is compatible with all NXP hardware. Download one of our sample demo images and interact with a Storyboard created GUI on your NXP target device and experience its high responsiveness for yourself. 

    Don't see yours listed? Contact us and we'll make it happen. 

    Download Demo Images

    Storyboard made something possible that none of our competitors can come even close to reproduce.
    Henk Bezuidenhout
    Embedded IQ

    Try a Storyboard GUI on the i.MX RT1050 

    Settling on using the NXP i.MX RT1050 crossover processor for your target, and in need of a high-performance UI? Download these samples images created specifically for the i.MX RT1050 and see Storyboard in action. 

    Download NXP demo images 


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    Build your highest performing GUI yet.

    Embrace rapid innovation with Crank Storyboard. Design, iterate and prototype to your heart’s content - without sacrificing timelines or performance.