Embedded GUI design & development for the smart home

Build the next-generation of embedded UIs for IoT connected devices for the smart home.


Build an
Award-Winning UI

The team at General Electric Appliances rely on Crank Software’s Storyboard tool and Professional Services team to deliver richer UIs and improved performance for their award-winning, smart kitchen appliances.


Integrate rich UIs for the modern experience

To keep up with rapidly evolving consumer demands, Tier 1 and OEM manufacturers recognize the need to deliver innovative digital instrument clusters, driver information displays, and in-vehicle infotainment systems. Crank’s Storyboard GUI design and development software is the only graphical user interface (GUI) development platform that brings designers and developers together, treating them as equals to design rich, intuitive in-vehicle experiences without sacrificing resources or performance

Person holding a touch pad, showing 3D icons
Pencil and ruler

Import directly from Photoshop, with layers, order and names 


Animate objects easily with built-in animation timeline

hand pointer

Add behavior to graphics quickly, without having to write code


Deliver rich 3D graphics with support for Autodesk FBX, OBJ, and OpenGL ES


Enforce clean architectural separation between UI and application

Try Storyboard For Smart Devices
iMX6ULL demo image

Storyboard-created washing machine UI

Watch how responsive this highly visual washing machine demo runs on the NXP i.MX 6ULL hardware. Want to give this washing machine demo a try? Click to download a demo image for your own board!

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Crank Software Smart Kitchen Summit 2018

Reimagining UI design at the 2019 Smart Kitchen Summit

In this interview with the folks from The Spoon, Jason Clarke, VP Sales and Marketing at Crank Software discussed the next generation of UI design for the connected kitchen and smart homes.


Crank Software Smart Kitchen Summit 2018

Turn your smart device UI into a reality

Purpose-built to reduce the frustrations, delays, and costs associated with connected home and consumer appliance development, Crank’s Storyboard’s UI design tool helps UX designers and embedded systems engineers to work on a project at the same time, while supporting role-specific tools and languages. The end result is the best possible interface, whether it's a smart refrigerator, connected dishwasher, or smart watch. All delivered in record times and supporting many different platforms.

Faster cycles, faster

When UX engineers and embedded designers work in Storyboard’s proprietary parallel workflow environment, iterating and validating is done at a far superior pace.

IoT devices

UIs created in Storyboard are designed, validated, tweaked and continually optimized for the embedded device from the get-go, ensuring maximum performance.

Future proof and
reuse your designs

Create scalable, cross-platform UIs for anything from the highest performance connected devices down to the lowest MCUs.

When we build our next product, we will be using Crank software - without hesitation. They provided the best 3rd party development team I've ever worked with.
Rishi Siravuri
Chief Engineer, Electronics, Emerson Thermostats

How much is ineffective UI design and development costing you?

Join thousands of developers and designers using Storyboard to create rich UI applications for multi-market embedded smart home devices.