Operating systems 

See how Storyboard has the flexibility to address different operating systems and embedded graphic project requirements.

The power to choose the right operating system for your embedded project

With Storyboard, you have a choice when it comes to selecting the UI-based OS that is best for your embedded project. With support for a wide range of operating systems, Storyboard gives you the option to select the best OS to power your embedded product, whether it’s for a resource-constrained microprocessor or a high-performance microprocessor, or to easily switch it up when project needs change.

Supported operating systems for your MCU 

Not all embedded systems are created equal. While some offer large memory with management functions, others offer you a smaller resource, cost-effective design.  This is why sometimes you need a smaller OS that was designed for your smaller embedded hardware. With Storyboard, you can develop optimized user experiences to resource-constrained targets including: FreeRTOS, Integrity, iTron, MQX, Segger, ThreadX, μClinux, µC/OS-II, µC/OS-III, VX Works, and XIP Linux... and more!


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Don't see your OS listed? Wondering what the best OS is for your embedded UI project?

Supported operating systems for your MPU 

Whether it's Android or Linux server, different operating systems offer a unique mix of features and capabilities for embedded hardware. With Storyboard, you can easily scale from MCU to MPU (or vice versa) to support a diverse product line. Supported OS include Android, iOS, Linux OS, Mac OS, QNX, VX Works, WEC 2013, Windows, Wince, and WinCompact 7... and more!


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