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High performance, intuitive UX for wearable devices

Wearable and personal device manufacturers must deliver high-quality UX while meeting strict power and resource constraints. With advances in sensors and cloud computing fueling consumer demand and enterprise imagination, all manufacturers are looking at ways to deliver new personalized user experiences as close to the body as possible.

 Storyboard connects wearable GUI designers and developers in a productive, parallel workflow that accelerates UX development through the design and validation of high-performance and distinctive user interfaces on low-power, low-cost platforms.
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Import directly from Photoshop and Sketch, with layers, order and names 


Achieve smooth graphical transitions on resource-constrained hardware


Manage design iterations seamlessly with Storyboard's Rapid Design Import and Iteration Technology


Select the best OS to optimize the experience of your device


Pre-coded functions to speed up scrolling lists and tables development 

How a global smartwatch team rapidly upgraded their UX

This client wanted to enter the competitive smartwatch market with a bang, delivering features on a low-power MCU platform wrapped in a user experience that could compete with the top vendors.



Wearables GUI on the STM32 MCU

Watch a smart wearable watch GUI application run on the ultra-low power series from STMicroelectronics, the STM32L4R9, designed and developed in Crank Storyboard.

Download the STM32 smartwatch demo ▸


Smartwatch sample GUI app for i.MX RT500

Considering the new NXP i.MX RT500 for your wearable project? Download this smartwatch demo app built in Storyboard, and watch your GUI vision coming to life.

Download the NXP watch demo ▸



Stages Cycling updates fitness app with new UX

Stages modernized the UX of their market-leading bike computer, creating a brand-new display on a smaller hardware footprint, using Storyboard to develop the GUI application.

Read case study ▸


Tailor-made for wearable GUI development teams

Storyboard consists of tools and capabilities for GUI designers and embedded software developers that enable a smooth, continual workflow while they design and validate simultaneously. Using a WYSIWYG environment, Storyboard makes it easy to create exceptional user experiences for today's wearable devices. Core functions can be added with a mouse click (removing the need to manually code) and the final product validated, tweaked, and optimized in real-time resulting in high-performing applications tailor-made for the embedded device.

IoT devices

GUIs created in Storyboard are designed, validated, tweaked, and continually optimized for the embedded device from the get-go, ensuring maximum power efficiency and performance.

Save money

Reduce your BOM by minimizing your software's footprint, as well as memory and power draw without sacrificing performance!

Faster cycles, faster time-to-market

When UX designers and embedded developers use Storyboard’s Rapid Design Import and Iteration Technology, teams are able to create and validate products at a far superior pace.

Stages Cycling testimonial
The certainties Crank showed about Storyboard-built GUI apps — their small RAM footprint and low power consumption — were important factors in its selection for the Dash.
James Stemper
Director of Program Management, Stages Cycling

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