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Our embedded GUI development solution consists of two essential elements: Storyboard and the Storyboard Runtime Engine. Both components are core to providing a comprehensive user experience for your embedded product.

Storyboard Designer serves as our powerful embedded GUI design and development framework, enabling you to create extraordinary user experiences. Meanwhile, Storyboard Validator is our integrated automated testing framework within the Storyboard IDE, ensuring the highest level of quality and efficiency in your development process.


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Develop GUI applications for commercial deployment

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Develop GUI applications for commercial deployment

Import | Prototype | GUI Development | Integration | Simulation | Deployment | GUI Testing


Storyboard is available in subscription and perpetual license models.

Subscription payments are in 1 or 3-year payments and include support.

CONTACT US about Enterprise or Bundled licensing options.

Package Options
Storyboard Designer

Storyboard Designer + Validator

Core Functionality
Import files from Photoshop
Import files from Sketch
Import files from Figma
Team Collaboration
For revision control use with Git or SVN. Also used with the Comparator tool.
Storyboard IO
Storyboard IO API provides a platform independent communication API that allows inter-task and inter-process queued message passing. This is primarily used to allow external communication with a Storyboard application.
Dynamically updated tables and text.
Lua Scripting
The Storyboard Lua API (Lua API) gives developers access to the Engine through a Lua scripting interface. This API is a library of functions that allow interaction with the Engine by manipulating data and working with events and user interface components.
JavaScripting (Duktape)
Duktape is an embeddable Javascript engine, with a focus on portability and a compact footprint. Duktape is easy to integrate into a C/C++ project: add duktape.c, duktape.h, and duk_config.h to your build, and use the Duktape API to call ECMAScript functions from C code and vice versa.
C Function Callback
On resource-constrained systems, you can reduce your memory footprint by using C instead of Lua. Typically, the systems that require this type of configuration are running with a virtual filesystem (VFS) and are required to use the Storyboard Embedded Resource Header (C/C++) functionality of Storyboard.
2D & 3D Screen Transitions
Audio / Media Support
Animation & Timeline Viewer
Create visual animations using drag & drop.
Application Metrics
Provides valuable memory and file size insights on GUI being developed for considerations to assist with changes to the UI application.
Add annotations that are stored and linked with the GUI application.
These are reusable design elements that can be shared among multiple projects. Components combine model elements, such as groups and controls, together with graphical assets such as fonts and images plus interaction rules such as events and animations.
Runtime Engines for MCUs and MPUs
Exporting to different OS platforms
This includes Windows, Android, RTOS, Linux, and iOS.
Export SBP
For extra security and added encryption.
Capture / Playback Support
GUI Application Testing
Interactively create tests by running and interacting with an existing Storyboard Application.
Pass/Fail Result Qualification
Run Tests on MPU Hardware
Image Comparison
Manual Test Invocation
With the ability to run individual tests.
Command Line Testing Setup
Create Re-usable Test Cases
Create a hierarchy of re-usable test case definitions.
Test Point Support
Create test points within the GUI application, such as the entire display, region of the display, or a value of the attribute.
Re-baseline of Test Points
Importing Test Results
Provides the ability to import test results into Storyboard from a remote run.
Test Reports
Test report for managers to measure progress and quality.

Support and maintenance

 To get your Storyboard questions answered Crank offers two levels of support: Standard and Priority.

Standard Support

Standard support is included for all Storyboard commercial package options for the entire 3-year term of the contract. This includes access to our team of GUI development experts, online support, and software updates.

After the term expires, customers can renew their support and maintenance to cover the development status of current projects.

Standard support enables our customers with business hours phone support (excluding holidays) and 24-hour email support.

Plus you can always connect with us via live chat.

Priority Support

Priority support offers customers faster response times and enables clients to provide our team with their target system to execute and debug against.

With Priority Support, Crank provides a dedicated Support Account Manager who is involved throughout your project and arranges support for custom releases and patches outside our standard product release cycle.

Priority Support is offered on a per-project basis

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  • What do the Crank AMETEK Storyboard licenses include?

    With the purchase of the Storyboard Designer commercial license, you are provided with access to one (1) developer seat, the Storyboard IDE, and access to standard target runtimes for the term of the licensing agreement.

    Storyboard Validator license provides additional access to our testing framework that is then integrated into the Storyboard development workflow.

    Each license option has a three-year agreement. 

  • What if I need more than one license?

    If you find yourself in an "Enterprise" scenario where you have multiple projects on the go at the same time, please reach out to our sales team to discuss our Enterprise licensing model.

    Contact Us

  • Can I build prototypes and demo units with the free trial of Storyboard?

    Yes, the free evaluation trial license provides you with access to the full capabilities of Storyboard.

    This enables you to access and modify Crank-built demo images and to build your own GUI prototype. However, once you commence commercial development to take it to market, you must purchase either the Storyboard Designer or Storyboard Designer & Validator package.

    In addition, Storyboard Runtime Engine licenses must be purchased prior to a commercial product being sold and shipped.

  • Can Validator be used to test non-Storyboard GUI applications?
    No, at the point in time Validator has been designed to work specifically with Storyboard and test only Storyboard-built embedded GUI applications.
  • Are Storyboard licenses concurrent or floating licenses?

    No, Storyboard licenses are not floating licenses. Each Storyboard commercial license is associated with a specific designer or developer. However, a company can transfer the license to a new designer or developer. 

    If you find your needs are more of an "Enterprise' model, please contact our sales team to discuss our Enterprise plan.

    Contact Us

  • Can I install Storyboard on my desktop (or lab machine) and on my laptop at the same time?

    Yes, you can load Storyboard onto your different devices, however, only one can be used at a time.

  • What is a Storyboard Runtime Engine?
    A Storyboard Runtime Engine license is an already built, pre-compiled, and optimized runtime that drives the Storyboard GUI application on the embedded hardware. 
    Our team of embedded GUI experts work closely with hardware manufacturers to ensure they are optimized for the unique aspects of the hardware. Our pre-built runtime engine saves you countless hours having to perform this function yourself and enables you to effortlessly move your GUI application from one hardware platform to another with no additional coding.

    Each Storyboard Runtime Engine is licensed per commercial product, making it flexible for small to large production volumes.


  • Can I install the Storyboard Runtime Engine on a test or build server?
    Yes, the Storyboard Runtime Engine can be installed on a build server as long as it's for internal, non-commercial use only.
  • How do I access the Storyboard Runtime Engine once purchased?

    Storyboard Runtime Engines for your target hardware can be located within the Storyboard installation runtime engine folder or are available upon request from

    If a unique Storyboard Runtime Engine is required for your embedded project, please contact the Crank sales team to discuss.

  • Is the source code included with the Storyboard Runtime Engine license?
    No, we do not include any source code for the Storyboard Runtime Engine.

    Please contact the Crank sales team to discuss any Source Code Certification and Software Escrow requirements.
  • Is there a student or education license option for Storyboard?

    Yes, Crank does offer an Academic/Educational Program for students looking to develop GUIs that are not for commercial use.

    If you're interested in joining our Educational Program, please contact us via the above form and input the following details:

    1. Tell us the name of your university or college and the program you are studying

    2. Prepare a PDF or image with proof of enrollment: 

    • For students: We will accept a university or college-issued document such as a transcript or class schedule with your name and enrollment date. Your Student ID is also acceptable if it displays an expiration date.

    • For teachers: If you are a teacher interested in using Storyboard for a class, please provide a link to a page on your university or college website that proves you are a current teacher.

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Storyboard licensing terms

Crank AMETEK incorporates third-party software inside Storyboard. The license terms associated with the software require that we give copyright and license information. Please see our Third-Party License Terms List and End User Agreement for details.