Creating exceptional wearable UX with Storyboard and NXP's low-power i.MX RT500 MCUs

The market for wearable devices is exponentially growing, and so too are its use cases – with new emerging health and well-being applications introduced every day.


As these fitness bands, smartwatches, and other personal gadgets hit the market, the winning differentiator will be OEMs that deliver exceptional user experiences (UX) with a cost-effective bill of materials. With the proliferation of this space, gone too is the reliance on traditional mobile operating systems and higher-end applications processors to build wearable products. No really!

Join leading silicon vendor NXP® Semiconductors and embedded GUI experts Crank Software to learn how easy it can be to build a sophisticated wearable UX within a personal device that is powered by an MCU at its core. During this session, we discussed how the latest NXP i.MX RT595 crossover MCU enables a smooth, rich graphical experience, and how Crank Storyboard provides an intuitive GUI application development environment for building smartphone-like experiences for today's wearable devices.

During this session, you’ll learn:

  • Techniques to improve UX on smaller screen sizes
  • How to develop wearable apps that consume minimal memory and power
  • Evaluate hardware to best-fit performance and cost requirements
  • See Storyboard in action on the i.MX RT595 development board


Your PANEL OF experts

Eduardo Montanez, Marketing Manager of Wearables & Personal Devices, NXP Semiconductors

Garry Clarkson, Field Application Engineer, Crank Software

Scott Snider, Product Marketing Manager

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