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Crank Software

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Combining the power and flexibility of the innovative Toradex SoMs and Storyboard’s rich features and collaborative workflow, development teams can quickly design sophisticated, appealing GUIs that span consumer, industrial, medical, and automotive applications.

Toradex customers can get high-performance UIs for their multi-market devices, and take advantage of Storyboard’s collaborative process and short development time.



Toradex Torizon

November 6, 2019

Crank Software has added support for the new Toradex easy-to-use industrial Linux platform Torizon. Supporting Toradex System on Modules based on the NXP® i.MX 6, i.MX 7 and i.MX 8.

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On demand webinar

Bringing UIs to Life with Crank Software and Toradex.

Learn how to develop beautiful UIs using the latest functionality in Storyboard on Toradex SoMs. 

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We are Toradex compatible.

Storyboard is optimized for embedded application development for Toradex System on Module (SoM) platforms. Regardless of the product market you are targeting, Storyboard GUI design and development software will help you create a full-powered, highly interactive UI that will exceed today's consumer touch screen expectations.

Toradex Partner Highlights at Embedded World 2018_ Crank Software Inc.

Toradex and Crank Software

Jason Clarke, VP, Sales & Marketing at Crank Software explains how the Storyboard enables designers and engineers to develop such UIs. He states that Crank works across all of Toradex’s hardware, and encourages viewers to try Crank and Toradex today.




Bringing GUIs to life with Toradex SoMs

Watch as Daniel Lang, Toradex CMO talks about working with Crank Software and the tight integration of Crank's embedded GUI development tool, Storyboard, with Toradex's embedded Linux platform, Torizon. This coupling has created an easy-to-use and out of the box experience for Toradex customers.




Try a Storyboard GUI on the i.MX 7Dual SoM  

If you are working with the Toradex Colibri i.MX 7Dual and in need of a high-performance UI, download these samples images created specifically for the i.MX 7Dual SoM and see Storyboard in action. 

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Crank Software Solutions running on Toradex System on Modules

Storyboard demo built on Toradex SoMs

From Embedded World 2019, Garry Clarkson, FAE, Crank Software speaks of the partnership with Toradex and showcases the Storyboard demo built on Toradex SoMs.

Crank Software Solutions running on Toradex System on Modules

To learn more about our partner Toradex visit their website at

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