Design Embedded GUIs with Storyboard

Design embedded UIs that look as sleek as you intended.


Own the design

Imagine the possibilities if a designer is able to focus on what they do best: pure design.

Storyboard's unique parallel workflow environment allows designers to be focused on perfecting their artwork, while their developer partners continue to work at the same time, on the code and system integration of their unique design. This collaborative environment encourages designers to design to their best while enabling the developers with artwork to validate and perfect at the same time. The result is a faster-time-to-market, without ever having compromised design integrity.


Turn artwork into an app - FAST

Design your graphics in Photoshop, Sketch, or wherever you currently work. Import with a couple of clicks and turn your artwork into an animated interface in seconds. 

Import artwork files 


Bring designs to life with motion

Build applications that your customers want to touch. Import 3D animations, add fluid screen transitions, refine animations, and control UI movement with easy to use tools.

Add animations 


See your design moving

You don't have to have access to hardware targets to test your GUI animations and movement when building in Storyboard. Test it in a simulator, or deploy it to a tablet, and let stakeholders interact with it for a real-life experience.

Test and validate 



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Put your design into motion.

See all the different things designers can do in our featured on-demand webinar recording, Putting your UI in Motion: Using Animations in Storyboard.

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