Your most important embedded products deserve the best user interface.
Your designers and developers deserve the best UI framework.

Meet Storyboard Suite 5.2




Simulate data from the system

Using Storyboard Connector, designers are empowered to be able to independently test the effect of real-world data to refine and validate the user experience.

No code.

No command line.

No design compromise. 


Rebrand and update the design with ease

Storyboard's redesigned reimport tools make it easy for designers to respond to product requirement changes and manage major rebranding.

A flexible, iterative workflow means teams don't lose the time and effort they've invested when design change happens. 


Artboards in Storyboard Suite


Import artboards as screens

Artboards provide designers a better way to view and design their embedded applications, and allow them to start building applications quickly.



Sketch to Storyboard Suite


Import artwork from Sketch

Working with Sketch?
No problem.
We've got you covered.






Try Storyboard Suite 5.2

These and other exciting new enhancements, such as support for 
Wind River VxWorks, QNX 7.0, and the ST Accordo 5 are available in Storyboard Suite 5.2.

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