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With new features and capabilities to delight even the most discerning designers and software developers, Storyboard Suite 5.0 will impress the entire team. We believe that the work of designers and developers is equally important to delivering beautiful, high-performance products. To support that, we continue to enhance Storyboard to make it easier for designers to stay in control of the look and feel of the UI, while giving software developers the tools they need to write elegant and clean code. With a collaborative workflow that allows the team to work together to reduce bottlenecks and options to quickly test interaction and update graphics, Storyboard 5.0 takes embedded UI development to the next level.



Quickly Refine Animations

Finely tune animations and movement with custom easing rates and the ability to start, stop, pause, and resume animations without having to edit code


Visualize Data Within Your UI

Draw graphics like bar charts and line graphs in your Storyboard application with data using the new Canvas render extension


Increase Efficiency with Reusable Components

Quickly create user interfaces with reusable, customizable components that can be used throughout your project and shared with multiple projects


Easily Export and Test

Refine and iterate efficiently with new application export configurations that make it easy to export and share executables and test applications on targets


These and other exciting new enhancements, such as pre-compilation of Lua code, new samples, updated workflow, and improved search and refactoring are available in Storyboard Suite 5.0, elevating embedded UI design and development. Sign up for our recent webinar, now available on-demand, to see demos from Storyboard 5.0. 




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