Embedded GUI development framework for the creation of stunning UI experiences across MCUs and MPUs.

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Powering exceptional user experiences

In today's highly competitive market, delivering a mediocre user experience is no longer an option. Consumers expect nothing less than a seamless, intuitive, and visually appealing experience that exceeds their expectations.
That's where Storyboard comes in - it empowers development teams to create cutting-edge, power-efficient GUI applications that deliver exceptional user experiences. 

Your product's success depends on your GUI

We understand how critical the GUI experience is to your product's success. 

Storyboard was built to help make UX-focused development easier for development teams. With its user-friendly interface and powerful tools, Storyboard makes it easier than ever to develop, enhance, and deploy sophisticated UI applications that stand out from the crowd and capture the hearts of customers. 

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Brands That Trust Us

What makes Storyboard different?

What sets Storyboard apart from other products on the market? Its unique decoupled development architecture is crafted by our team of seasoned software engineers to remove the issues typically associated with traditional UI development tools.
 With a distinct separation between front-end design and back-end logic environments, developers and designers can collaboratively work together to develop, enhance, and test the application at the same time, without disrupting each other's process. The GUI development workflow provided is easy to use, making it quick to be adopted by all development levels, and embraces the design iteration process, saving valuable development time for the creation of GUI applications that are optimized for exceptional user experiences

Import content ▸

Import your GUI graphics content from design tools like Figma, Photoshop and Sketch to save on development time. Or import assets natively.

Add animations ▸

Create movement and motion for your UI with several clicks of a button with our embedded animation creation features.

Manage iterations ▸

Be in control of UI design changes with our unique Compare & Merge tool for UI iterations without code or development disruption.

Test & validate ▸

Ensure the optimal performance and functionality of your Storyboard-built UI with Storyboard Validator and our hardware Simulator.

Debug & optimize ▸

Get actionable insights into your embedded GUI application to help make better decisions as you build out your project.

Hardware flexibility ▸

Optimized, pre-built runtimes provide you the freedom to create GUIs that scale across markets and embedded hardware.

Reduce costs ▸

Reduce your overall costs with a smaller footprint and reusable GUI components for other products and devices.

Boost innovation ▸

Create and validate designs earlier and get to market faster so you can focus on your next award-winning idea.


Create engaging user experiences

A smartphone experience has become the standard for touchscreens across all industries. Colors, animations, haptics and other touchscreen GUI elements are critical components of a rich UX, all of which are easy to create and refine with Storyboard.

To get a glimpse of a Storyboard-built GUI on your platform, we've created demo images to help test and evaluate the GUI potential of your hardware.

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Create engaging user experiences

Iterate on design without destroying work done

Because of its unique parallel workflows and decoupled designer and developer working environments, Storyboard eliminates the reluctance that used to come with design iteration.

Now, product teams can work on optimizing the end-UX more effectively because design changes don't delay or break development work.

Iterate on design without destroying work done

Never start from scratch with supported platforms 

Storyboard’s unique architecture allows it to be compatible with all hardware and OS platforms, giving you the freedom to create applications that scale markets and embedded devices.

You also have the freedom to incorporate modern visual or 3D elements into your project. Storyboard supports VG Lite, OpenGL and a host of other rendering technologies, including our award-winning Hybrid Rendering, to ensure your project is able to take advantage of ecosystem updates as they happen. 

Our Compatibility
Never start from scratch with supported platforms
james stemper headshot stages cycling-1
"The certainties Crank showed about Storyboard-built GUI apps — their small RAM footprint and low power consumption — were important factors in its selection for the Dash.”
James Stemper
Director of Program Management, Stages Cycling
brian gallagher linkedin headshot
"“I definitely would say they exceeded our expectations. They were nailing it every time with the GUI."
Brian Gallagher
Aptera / Andromeda Interfaces
Storyboard is a key part of us being able to design a unique UI experience from start to finish. If we were using a different tool, it’d be more challenging and take much longer.
Electronics Engineering Manager


  • What is an embedded GUI framework?

    An embedded GUI framework helps designers and developers work together to create the visual, auditory, and physical controls that enable users to interact with devices such as wearables, smart home appliances, medical equipment, and industrial machines. These frameworks typically wrap the low-level operating system and hardware details within higher-level components to ease development easier and make the GUI platform neutral.

    For modern systems, embedded GUI frameworks that support designers and developers working together to create vivid, graphics-rich elements are better able to achieve the smartphone-like experiences that consumers crave.

  • How do you choose an embedded GUI framework?

    An embedded GUI framework should ensure a seamless design and development process that results in the creation of rich, sophisticated user interfaces that run efficiently on low-power, low-resource devices. When choosing a framework, you should consider the intuitiveness of the designer-developer workflow system, the ability to rapidly iterate and test design changes, the optimization of the runtime code for performance and battery life, and the ease of adaptability to hardware platforms of different size and scale.

  • Why use Crank’s embedded GUI framework?

    The Storyboard embedded GUI framework is built by a team of embedded experts that understand the importance of UX design and development and trusted by major household brands across multiple industries. Storyboard helps product teams to iterate around application design and enhance UX with ease, resulting in sophisticated GUIs that deliver exceptional user experiences on low-power, low-resource devices.

  • Does Storyboard offer GUI testing functionality?

    Storyboard makes it easier for development teams to develop sophisticated, power-efficient embedded GUI applications that exceed customer experience expectations. 

    Integrated with the Storyboard Designer & Validator software option is our GUI testing framework which is comprised of a set of tools and methods used to automate the testing of Storyboard-built GUIs. Validator enables embedded developers to create and execute tests to ensure that the GUI application is functioning correctly and providing an exceptional user experience for the user of their product. 

Take Storyboard for a test drive

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