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Storyboard is the preferred tool for embedded GUI development.


Beauty is more than screen deep.

Your customers expect touch screens that not only look good but are intuitive, fast, responsive - like their smartphone.

Storyboard was created for embedded developers, by embedded developers. To give them back the power to create the touch screen GUI design that today's innovation demands, within a workflow and development environment that enhances productivity. 

It's also intentionally easy-to-use, yet that doesn’t mean it’s light on functionality or possibility. You have all the capabilities you need at your fingertips to turn the UI into a high-performance embedded product.

Storyboard GUI backend communication

Define and test UI communication

A key part of embedded application development is connecting the UI with the platform. Storyboard makes it easy to define the events that are passed back and forth between the UI and the backend system processes.

Connect your systems 

A laptop running Storyboard as an embedded board simulates GUI

Quickly simulate on desktop and on target

No hardware yet? No problem. Don't let the lack of physical hardware stop you from creating your application. Storyboard's built-in simulator provides fast validation of how your development is progressing. That way, you'll be ready to quickly deploy it for more hands-on testing.

Test and validate 

A laptop running Storyboard as an embedded board simulates GUI
Designers collaborate as they look at a computer

So, your boss wants changes?

You’ve deployed the FINAL application to the target hardware but your boss would like to make updates? Challenge accepted!

Manage iterations with ease ▸

user interface testing

Debug and optimize

Go on, try things out and break it. Storyboard provides what you need to debug, test, and optimize until your application is finely-tuned to best suit your target platform.

Debug and optimize 

user interface testing

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