Embedded GUI Design and Development Tool

    Embedded GUI Design and Development Tool
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    Embedded GUI Design and Development Tool

    Manage design iterations

    Refine, update and evolve your designs faster and with greater accuracy.


    Respond with ease to design changes

    Great products take time. Many factors can influence the UI and contribute to changes, making it essential to be able to manage design iteration. Whether you are creating turnkey applications with custom branding or products requiring a reskin, new features, or new screen dimensions, change is inevitable. Does your development workflow allow you to roll with the churn?

    A car dashboard displaying multiple views and settings



    Start development early

    You might not have a full product specification yet and or know what hardware you’ll be working with, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a jumpstart on developing the UI. Do so with confidence knowing that you can effortlessly replace the artwork throughout the development process.


    Re-import graphics

    Stakeholders often don’t know what they like until you show them something that they don’t. Storyboard’s re-import functionality allows you to easily update graphics as often as needed until the product is out the door.


    Manage changes without impacting others

    Quickly re-import updated graphics without affecting the effort of the rest of the team or overwriting prior development effort. The graphics layer in Storyboard is decoupled from the business logic, which means you can create a new skin or branding without having to create an entirely new application.


    Putting your UI in motion:

    Using animations in Storyboard