Scalable GUIs

Build your UI at the onset for maximum performance and potential scalability.


We'll scale with you

We are proud of Storyboard’s scalability. We’ve done extensive development and testing on every platform to ensure the Storyboard engine takes advantage of specific board features, such as proprietary graphics libraries, 2D or 3D hardware acceleration, and memory management functions.

 Scalability includes software rendering, qspi, 2d optimized, hardware layers, multi-core, and 3d GPU


Create your smallest footprint possible

Storyboard’s plugin architecture ensures that your application isn’t bloated with components you aren’t using. Only the functionality you are using is configured and deployed to your target.


From MCU to MPU

From tiny controls on memory restricted MCUs to complex automotive solutions on quad-core MPUs, Storyboard can go as low or as high as you need for your project.


Lower your BOM with Storyboard

You’ve always been able to create impressive Storyboard applications for MCUs, but now you can really push the boundaries when it comes to restricted memory and tight resources. Find out how low you can go with Storyboard Lite.

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Deliver performance, function, and
brilliant design on the NXP i.MX RT1050

Learn how to how to create stunning graphical user interfaces for
the i.MX RT1050 crossover processor with this  on-demand webinar.

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