Multi-platform support

Storyboard gives you the freedom to create your project, on any platform.


Create platform-independent GUIs

Storyboard’s unique architecture allows it to be platform-independent, giving you the freedom to create applications that scale markets and embedded targets. Our innovative runtime engine is optimized to take advantage of every supported platform to increase performance and leverage the best of the underlying system.


Supported microprocessors and microcontrollers

From low-cost microcontrollers for smaller products to multi-core microprocessors powering rich 3D experiences, Storyboard supports the largest range of hardware platforms for embedded UI development. Whether you’re creating a small, single-purpose kitchen appliance or a luxury automotive HMI, Storyboard was built with your specific use-case in mind.

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Operating systems

Maybe you selected the embedded operating system for your project based on the requirements of reliability, resource management, and performance. Or perhaps the choice was made for you and an embedded platform just landed on your desk one day. Either way, we support you.


Rendering technology

Storyboard allows you to create spectacular UI experiences by incorporating best-in-class rendering technology support for 2D and 3D out-of-the-box. Our unique Hybrid Rendering technology allows your project to dynamically switch back and forth between 2D and 3D rendering.

Download sample demo images

Experience the breadth of what we support by trying our prepackaged Storyboard demo images specially prepared for your specific board.

Demo Images