Deploy Embedded GUIs and Validate Quickly

Always fully optimized to bring embedded GUI projects to life at maximum efficiency.


Widest range of support

Regardless of the combination of hardware and operating system you need, it's likely that we run on it. And if we don't already run on it, ask us about it. We love a good challenge.

Supported platforms 


Scale markets and platforms

There’s an optimized Storyboard option for whatever you need to build. From stealthy MCUs to mega quad processor MPUs, Storyboard can help you produce an embedded experience optimized from the get-go for a wide range of footprints.

Scale with Storyboard 


Manage your resources more effectively

You can't improve what you don't know. Storyboard gives you actionable data and insight to help you effectively manage resources, memory, and CPU usage.

Get actionable insight 


2D + 3D hardware acceleration

Your customers have high expectations about the responsiveness of your products. Are you squeezing the best performance out of your platform? Storyboard allows you to use your hardware to its full potential by enabling 2D and 3D hardware acceleration.


Download free demo image applications

Download one of our easy-to-install multi-market demo images produced with Storyboard, and evaluate its performance on your target hardware. 

Demo Images


Deliver high-end performance to low-power NXP devices

Learn more about how to develop embedded GUI applications for the innovative NXP i.MX RT series of crossover processors.

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