Embedded GUI Design and Development Tool
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Embedded GUI Design and Development Tool

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Experience Storyboard running on your hardware board.


Get a glimpse of Storyboard in action

Download these popular demo applications for the hardware you’re considering and experience first-hand the power and performance of Storyboard.


Download demo images for the most popular boards.

We support UI development for everyone across all platforms, from smaller chips for mass-market products to the leading microcontrollers and microprocessors for today’s high-performance GUIs. 


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One project, multiple platforms

Storyboard's industry-leading scalability means you can develop applications for all platforms, regardless of size.

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Integrate seamlessly with your target platform

We support almost any platform and various operating systems, giving you the flexibility to adapt your GUI across high to low-power hardware as your product changes.

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Run in one-click

Design, implement and run your sample applications on PC simulator, your board or custom hardware in one click.

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Bring your GUI vision to life.

Get the best GUI on the lowest cost hardware in the shortest time. Storyboard provides applicated generated code that integrates directly into your target which means less programming effort, and far more efficient GUI development.


Where do you start?

How much is ineffective GUI design and development costing you? Join thousands of developers and designers using Crank to create rich GUI applications for multi-market embedded devices.