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To meet the demands of modern consumers, smart appliances UI development teams, like yourself, are under pressure to deliver high-quality user experiences (UX) while adhering to strict power and resource constraints. 

To help overcome these challenges, Crank's Storyboard provides a parallel, collaborative workflow that enables teams to work simultaneously on the front-end and back-end of the UI application helping you develop quickly and get to market faster.

Trusted by embedded development teams worldwide, find out how Storyboard can help accelerate the development of your next UIs that consumers can't get enough of.

Download a sample demo image of our coffee machine UI and discover the possibilities of Storyboard for yourself.


Why Storyboard for UI development?

MARO Coffee is changing the way coffee enthusiasts brew the perfect cup with their exceptional technology and UI experience. 

At the heart of their coffee brewing process is a Storyboard-built GUI,  helping ensure precision and consistency in every brewing experience. 

What inspired MARO Coffee to create this exceptional brewing experience? Simply, their passion for coffee and belief that brewing a cup of coffee is not just a daily routine, but an art form.

Their goal was to introduce an intuitive UI experience that enables users to have complete control over the brewing process, helping them make an exceptional cup of coffee, every time that is perfectly tailored to their individual preferences. Their dedication to perfecting the art of coffee brewing has made them a leading force in the coffee industry. With Maro Model 1, they have made it possible for coffee enthusiasts to bring out the full potential of their coffee beans and achieve the ultimate taste experience.

Find out for yourself how Crank's Storyboard can help you elevate your product's UI experience like it did for MARO Coffee. 

Maro Coffee machine UI

Import directly from design tools like Photoshop and Sketch, with layers, order, and names 


Achieve smooth graphical transitions even on resource-constrained MCU hardware


Seamlessly fine-tune UI/UX with Storyboard's Rapid Design Import and Iteration Technology


Select the best OS and hardware  to optimize the experience of your device


Pre-coded functions to speed up scrolling lists and tables development 

Tailor-made for smart appliances embedded GUI development

Storyboard empowers embedded  GUI designers and software developers of smart appliances with the tools required to seamlessly develop, test, improve, and deploy engaging UI experiences more quickly.

Core functions can be added with a simple click of the mouse, eliminating the need for manual coding, and the UI design fine-tuned at any point in development to help ensure the optimal user experience is achieved without disrupting current development work. 

Download Storyboard today and create tailor-made applications for your embedded system.


Coffee Machine interface designs created in Storyboard can be developed, validated,  enhanced, and optimized all within the same development workspace, ensuring development efficiency and product performance.

Big savings,
bigger experiences

Leverage lower-cost MCU hardware in your BOM by minimizing the size of the UI's memory footprint.

Designed specifically for embedded devices, Storyboard enables you to fine-tune what is needed (and what can go) to reduce memory without sacrificing performance!

Faster development cycles,
faster time-to-market

When getting a superior product experience to market fast is vital, look no further than Storyboard. 

With its Rapid Design Import and Iteration Technology, development teams can create, validate, and update products at a far superior pace.

Coffee Machine UI Demo Images

Download the pre-built demo GUI images and flash them straight onto your board

NXP i.MX RT1060


Demo Image Specifications:

Board required: i.MX RT1060 EVK
Operating system: FreeRTOS
Resolution: 480 x 272
Rendering: Framebuffer
Display: 4.3" LED backlight and capacitive touch
Download size: 1.4 MB

NXP i.MX RT1050

Demo Image Specifications:

Board required: i.MX RT1050 EVK A and B
Operating system: FreeRTOS
Resolution: 480 x 272
Rendering: Linux Framebuffer
Display: 4.3" LED backlight and capacitive touch
Download size: 4.7MB


Demo Image Specifications:

Board required: STM32H745i 
Operating system: FreeRTOS
Resolution480 x 272 
Rendering: Chrom-ART Graphic Acceleration
DisplayLCD-TFT with capacitive touch screen
Download size: 2.3MB


Demo Image Specifications:

Board required: STM32H7B3 / 7A3
Operating system: FreeRTOS
Resolution: 480 x 272
Rendering: Chrom-ART Graphic Acceleration
Display: LCD display with a touch panel


Demo Image Specifications:

Board required: STM32H769i - Discovery board 
Operating system: FreeRTOS
Resolution: 800 x 480
Rendering: DMA2D
Display: DSI-single buffer, touch screen

Microchip PIC32MZ DA

Demo Image Specifications:

Board required: PIC32MZ DA 
Operating system: FreeRTOS
Resolution: 480x272 with 16 bit color
Rendering: Software Renderer
Display: LCD display with a touch panel
Size: 4 MB Binary

Using hardware from a different vendor, or looking for UI help for your coffee machine
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