Expert consulting services

The Crank Software team has extensive experience in all areas of embedded development including Graphical Processing Units, CPU Architectures, Operating Systems, Graphical Toolkits, and the Eclipse Development Framework.

The goal here at Crank Software is to make our customer's products number one in their respected markets. We work very close with our customers to truly understand the task at hand and to make sure we fully meet customer expectations. It doesn't take long for our customers to realize that Crank Software has many areas of expertise and can offer turnkey software solutions - from planning to development - to assist them with their embedded products resulting in accelerated time to market.

Our team has experience working with various embedded devices in a variety of markets. Please give us a call or email us to see how Crank Software consulting services can help your existing, or upcoming, product be a winning success.


The following are some  of the many customers that have used Crank Software consulting services.



Crank Software has the resources and embedded development experience to provide complete or partial software turnkey solutions. 

We provide a full range of individual embedded development services including architecture and design review, custom driver and application development, quality assurance/testing, on-site consulting, and technical support.


Graphic Design 

  • Templates and user interface design
  • UI consultation
  • Unique product look and feel
  • All designs formatted for easy Storyboard Designer import

Graphical User Interface (GUI) Development

  • Bitmap, vector graphics solutions, and Adobe Flash integration
  • Advanced features including 3D, animations, and multi-layer support

Graphics Hardware Support

  • LCD and touch screen driver development
  • Hardware offloading graphics acceleration
  • Custom input methods and gesture support

Multimedia Frameworks and Applications

  • Video and audio codec integration
  • Browser integration

Custom Graphical Development Tools

  • Data driven application models
  • Eclipse framework integration
  • Third party branding and tool redistribution

Board Bring-up and Device Driver Development

  • Power Management Frameworks


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