Embedded GUI Design and Development Tool

    Embedded GUI Design and Development Tool
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    Embedded GUI Design and Development Tool

    Embedded UI Design Testing with Storyboard

    Confidently test your design towards the delivery of a polished finished product.

    Storyboard keeps the design in the designer’s hands, which enables me to deliver my design vision to the final product. I can test my application on an embedded board, make changes to the UI, and then export the app back to the board in under a minute.
    Daniel Conroy
    UI Designer

    Designer workflow

    Great design requires sweating the details. Storyboard's iterative workflow enables designers to get their UIs right without holding up developers.


    Visually validate

    We’ve built a simulator into Storyboard Designer that allows you to quickly see and interact with UI design in real-time, without having to deploy to hardware.


    Portable design testing

    Usability testing and stakeholder feedback are critical for moving a design project along. Storyboard makes it simple to export your application to a mobile device for a truly hands-on user testing experience.


    Share applications with ease

    Application executable options, such as direct-to-target (SCP) and standalone executables make it easier to share Storyboard applications for quick testing to improve the feedback loop for design iteration and stakeholder buy-in.