Team Collaboration on Embedded GUI Development

Design and develop UIs in parallel with maximum efficiency.

Design experiences together

Modern touchscreen products require a modern development workflow to make the magic happen. With linear, old-school methodologies taking a backseat to more agile and lean models, features are often developed in parallel, rather than in an assembly line fashion. Does your GUI development tools a parallel workflow to help you navigate the technical complexities of having many cooks in the kitchen?



Compare changes and merge

The development team can stay in sync by using Storyboard’s collaboration functionality to compare changes and merge the individual components they require. This agile process leads to a refined product that reflects the best of the entire team.


Work in parallel

With Storyboard, designers can import 2D and 3D artwork and build up the design while the developer attaches actions and events to the graphical content, all without destroying each other’s progress.


Get stakeholder buy-in

There’s no reason to wait until the end to gain buy-in to the design vision. The project can be reviewed and tested throughout the entire development process without causing a complete teardown of code or design.