Animation and motion

Create movement and make your GUI applications come to life.


GUI software displaying the Storyboard animation timeline



Capture motion with a click

Storyboard’s animation recorder allows you to track all changes made to an application and automatically creates a new animation reflecting the activity between the start and end points of the changed items.


Refine motion on timeline editor

The animation timeline view shows saved animation steps. Visually see them in relation to one another to make further edits to the timing, easing rates, and values.


Reverse animation steps

Save time creating reverse animation steps. Storyboard allows you to carry out the same steps in the opposite direction with the click of a button.


Preview animations on-demand

Preview animation refinements directly within Storyboard in an easy-to-use playback window that can show animations in full or frame-by-frame. 


Putting your UI in motion:

Using animations in Storyboard