Manage resources

Resource management and optimization tools to ensure you use only what is required. 

Get the most out of your platform

Resources are always limited. No one ever complains about having more memory or a faster CPU than they need. With Storyboard's built-in resource management tools, you can do more with less, as it gives you data you need to make smart optimization decisions.


View resource metrics

Storyboard’s new project metrics dashboard provides you with real-time resource data while you are building your application to help you refine and optimize as you go to fit your platform's requirements.


Export a design report

Want to know everything there is to know about your application? Export a design report from Storyboard to get a detailed and customized report that contains information about resources, variables, events, and more.


Eliminate waste

Why package and deploy what you aren’t using? Storyboard has tools to analyze your resources and remove extra bulk like duplicated images and unused fonts. Use it or lose it!