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Our pricing model includes two licensing elements: Storyboard Designer and the Storyboard Runtime Engine. Both components are required to enable full user interface development and deployment of Storyboard-created GUIs into your embedded product.

Storyboard Designer License

Storyboard Designer (or simply Storyboard) is our core GUI design and development framework for creating smartphone-like experiences on low-power, resource-constrained embedded products. As an integrated development environment (IDE), Storyboard is designed for Linux, Windows, and macOS environments, giving embedded development teams full control of creating rich user experiences. Storyboard is licensed per developer and supports multi-project development.



Storyboard Runtime Engine License

A Storyboard Runtime Engine license is the licensing component that drives the Storyboard GUI application on different embedded devices. Designed exclusively for embedded hardware, our runtime engines are optimized to address the unique aspects of all hardware platforms to help bring your user experience to life without sacrificing memory or power. Each Storyboard Runtime Engine is licensed on a per-product basis, making it flexible for small to large production volumes.


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Support and maintenance

Crank offers two levels of support, Standard and Priority, for our customers to get their Storyboard questions answered quickly.

Standard Support

Standard support is required in conjunction with the Storyboard Commercial License for one year and includes access to our team of GUI development experts and all available software updates. After the first year expires, customers can renew their support and maintenance to cover the development status of current projects.

Standard support enables business hours phone support (excluding holidays) and 24-hour email support. Plus you can always connect with us via live chat (we are always there to assist).

Priority Support

Priority support offers faster response times and enables clients to provide our team with their target system to execute and debug against.

With Priority Support, Crank Software provides a dedicated Support Account Manager who is involved throughout the project and arranges support for custom releases and patches outside our standard release cycle. Priority Support is offered on a per-project basis.

Additional services

With over 25 years of embedded expertise, our team of designers, developers, and engineers have you covered and can jump in to help you with your project any time.

Storyboard training

Adopting new software or tools can feel like a daunting task. We’re here to help guide you through this transition so that you can begin creating GUIs faster and more effectively using Storyboard.

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Professional Services

Sometimes you have the vision but not the resources on hand to execute it. Our services team is here to help you get from vision to final product, no matter the size or industry.

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  • What does the Storyboard Designer license include?

    With the purchase of the Storyboard commercial license, you are provided with perpetual access to one (1) developer seat, the Storyboard IDE, and access to standard target runtimes. Note that a one-year Standard Support agreement is required with the initial purchase of Storyboard.

  • Can I build prototypes and demo units with the free trial of Storyboard?

    Yes, the free evaluation trial license provides you with access to the full capabilities of Storyboard. This enables you to access and modify Crank Software demo images and to build your own GUI prototype. However, once you commence commercial development to take it to market, you must purchase both Storyboard Designer and Storyboard Runtime Engine licenses. These must be purchased prior to a commercial product being sold and shipped.

  • Are Storyboard Designer licenses concurrent or floating licenses?

    No, each Storyboard Designer commercial license is associated with a specific designer or developer. However, a company can transfer the license to a new designer or developer.

  • Can I install the Storyboard Runtime Engine on a test or build server?

    Yes, the Storyboard Runtime Engine can be installed on a build server as long as it's for internal, non-commercial use only.

  • Can I install Storyboard on my desktop (or lab machine) and on my laptop at the same time?

    Yes, you can load Storyboard onto your different devices, however, only one can be used at a time.

  • How do I access the Storyboard Runtime Engine once purchased?

    Storyboard Runtime Engines for your target hardware can be located within the Storyboard installation runtime engine folder or are available upon request from

    If a unique Storyboard Runtime Engine is required for your embedded project, please contact your Crank Software Account Manager to discuss.

  • Is the source code included with the Storyboard Runtime Engine license?

    No, we do not include any source code for the Storyboard Runtime Engine. Please contact your Crank Software Account Manager to discuss any Source Code Certification and Software Escrow requirements.

  • Is there a student or education license option for Storyboard?

    Yes, Crank Software does offer an Academic/Educational Program for students looking to develop GUIs that are not for commercial use.

    If you're interested in joining our Educational Program, please contact us with the following details so that we can evaluate your eligibility to participate in the program:

    1. Tell us the name of your university or college and the program you are studying

    2. Send us a PDF or image with proof of enrollment: 

    • For students: We will accept a university or college-issued document such as a transcript or class schedule with your name and enrollment date. Your Student ID is also acceptable if it displays an expiration date.

    • For teachers: If you are a teacher interested in using Storyboard for a class, please provide a link to a page on your university or college website that proves you are a current teacher.

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Storyboard licensing terms

Crank Software incorporates third-party software inside Storyboard. The license terms associated with the software require that we give copyright and license information. Please see our Third-Party License Terms List and End User Agreement for details.


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