Embedded GUI Design and Development Tool

    Embedded GUI Design and Development Tool
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    Embedded GUI Design and Development Tool

    Innovative solutions for everyday challenges.

    Design embedded products with a WOW factor.



    Stay on top of the rapidly evolving appliance market. From the kitchen to the laundry room, develop products that make day-to-day life tasks a little less mundane, and a lot more beautiful.

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    Using the Storyboard collaborative workflow allows your team to create industrial user interfaces that are as innovative, refined, and reliable as they are high-performance and mission-critical. 

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    IoT devices utilize a range of interaction modalities, from voice to smartphone-controlled to touchscreens. A Storyboard UI ensures you can seamlessly integrate and scale hardware.

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    Medical applications require interfaces that are intuitive, reliable, and easy-to-use. Storyboard's unique workflow allows your team to focus on details that matter most.

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    From finely-tuned digital instrument clusters to engaging infotainment screens to next-gen heads up displays, Storyboard enables you to drive excellence in automotive design. 

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    Smart Home 

    The future looks bright for Smart Home technology. From lighting, to temperature control, to keeping our families safe, create interfaces that families interact with daily. 

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    Any Market. Any Hardware.

    Storyboard's industry-leading scalability, design-centric workflow, and support for collaborative development make it faster and easier for teams to deliver applications for multi-market embedded devices to market.

    To test drive a Storyboard application on your hardware, download one of our prepackaged demo images.

    Demo Images


    Testimonial: Emerson Thermostats

    "When we build our next product, we will be using Crank Storyboard - without hesitation. Crank provided the best 3rd party development team I've ever worked with."
    Rishi Siravuri
    Chief Engineer, Electronics

    Design more than a UI

    Regardless of the market, you aren't just designing a UI, you are designing a solution. Try Storyboard for 30-days to create your best solution.