Quickstart video tutorials


Getting started with Storyboard

Everything you need to get going.


What Is Storyboard?

1m 40s

Learn what Storyboard, the complete GUI design and development tool, is all about in under 2 minutes.




Photoshop Import Feature

14m 45s

Storyboard – Photoshop Import Feature. See how to plan and organize the design of a UI in Photoshop and import the UI design in Storyboard for embedded UI development.


Adding Screens

6m 41s

Getting Started with Storyboard - Adding Screens. This video demonstrates how to add new screens to your Storyboard application.


Animations — Part 1

9m 43s

Getting Started with Storyboard – Working with Animations. This video demonstrates, how to create and edit animations in Storyboard.


Trigger Events and Actions

6m 47s

Getting Started with Storyboard - Trigger Events and Actions. This video demonstrates how to use different trigger events and actions in your Storyboard application.


Introduction to Variables


Add dynamic behaviour to Storyboard applications with variables. Learn how to bind variables to property attributes and modify their values in Storyboard.

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