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Technology is constantly evolving, and your embedded product needs to change with it. Take advantage of our whitepapers, guides, and e-books to stay up to date on the latest trends and innovations in embedded GUI development to accelerate the development of your next embedded project.

Wearables development

From framebuffers to GIFs, this e-book explains key embedded graphical user interface (GUI) concepts to get the most out of the memory and graphics capabilities of your smart watch and wearable platforms.


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Collaborative workflows

This best practices guide will help understand the architecture of Storyboard applications assisting you to accelerate development and deliver higher-quality user experiences.


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Choosing hardware

Choose the right hardware for your project. Learn about hardware capabilities, performance, power requirements, memory types, OS implications, packaging options, platform scalability and interoperability.


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Building a Killer Embedded GUI 

A no-nonsense guide to creating high-volume, high-margin goods on MCUs with sophisticated GUIs

  • The 4 critical consumer expectations to consider when designing an embedded touchscreen UI
  • How to determine if your product is fit for a touch screen
  • How to reduce your software development timeline
  • How to select silicon and software
  • Bonus: The embedded GUI design success checklist (edited) .



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