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Product data sheets and import guides

Looking to gather more information before diving in? We've got you covered with our comprehensive design file import guides and technical data sheets. 
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Storyboard Product Data Sheet

With Storyboard's unparalleled architecture, the possibilities for creating market-scaling applications across different embedded devices are endless. Discover the power of Storyboard Designer and Validator today. 


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Storyboard Validator Datasheet

Validator, a powerful GUI testing framework integrated with Storyboard streamlines the testing process for Storyboard-built embedded GUI applications. 

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Storyboard Validator Mockup

From Figma to GUI Development Effortlessly

Maximize your design efficiency with our Figma Import Cheatsheet. Uncover essential strategies for preparing design files for smooth integration into Storyboard. 

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Figma to Storyboard cheat sheet mockup for website

From Photoshop to GUI Development Seamlessly

Get the Photoshop Cheatsheet tips and tricks for setting up your design files for importing into Storyboard. 

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PS to SB Cheat Sheet Mockup for web

From Sketch to GUI Development Effortlessly

Streamline your design process with our Sketch Import Cheatsheet. Discover invaluable tips and tricks for setting up design files for importing into Storyboard. 

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Sketch to Storyboard Cheat Sheet Mockup - web

Storyboard Validator Integration with Jenkins CI Tool

Automate UI test runs seamlessly in Validator by integrating it with Jenkins, thereby enabling independent or scheduled execution without manual intervention. 

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