Fujitsu Semiconductor Joins Crank Software 

November 4, 2014

Fujitsu Semiconductor Joins Crank Software to Streamline Embedded Development Using IdeaBoxx™ Graphics Application Developers’ Kit


Fujitsu Semiconductor America and Crank Software have joined forces to produce an innovative design environment that simplifies and streamlines the process for developing 3D graphics.


Sunnyvale, Calif. and Ottawa, Ontario, November 4, 2014- Fujitsu Semiconductor America (FSA) and Crank Software have joined forces to produce an innovative design environment that simplifies and streamlines the process for developing 3D graphics.

The new Fujitsu IdeaBoxx is a fully self-contained, graphics-centric SDK that delivers everything a user needs to create a complete graphical sub-system in minutes. Crank’s Storyboard Suite plays a major role by simplifying the development process with its highly intuitive user interface.

IdeaBoxx reduces the development timeline by incorporating all necessary hardware and software in an optimized bundle so users don't need to source anything. Every element in the IdeaBoxx has been designed and tested to work in a plug and play method that lets users focus completely on the creative elements of the design right out of the box.

"The principal concept behind IdeaBoxx is to provide a fast, easy-to-use and reliable real-world embedded environment that provides a view of how graphics would appear on the finished product,” said Dan Landeck, Fujitsu Semiconductor America‘s Director of Product Marketing.


Simplifying the User Interface

One of the most difficult tasks in developing graphics for an embedded application is dealing with the complexities of the user interface (UI). Graphics designers have struggled continually with environments that require working in multiple stages, each with specific tools and skill sets, then attempting to synthesize these disparate operations into a finished environment. Artists who worked on desktops using Adobe Photoshop® typically pass files to the coding engineers for integration into the embedded systems. Usually during the process the image or animation quality changes and the results differ from the original concept, an interactive process that is time-consuming and often disruptive. The result: missed deadlines and countless delays.

“When the FSA team discovered Crank Software's Storyboard Suite, we realized it was a perfect fit for the IdeaBoxx concept,” said Landeck. “Even within our graphics development operation, where our engineers have many years of experience in developing graphics for embedded targeted markets, working with Crank software was a revelation. The highly intuitive user interface is instantly comprehensible and the seamless relationship with Photoshop PSD files enable our artists to generate prototypes almost instantaneously.” Most important, artists can view their work instantly on the target display using the actual embedded hardware. Removing the artist/ engineer dependency liberates the artists to explore new ideas and concepts without having to secure and potentially waste the time of the engineers.

“When Fujitsu approached us and discussed what they are looking for, we were confident that Storyboard Suite would be a great complement to their IdeaBoxx series, providing designers and developers the tools to quickly prototype, develop, and deploy user interfaces,” said Brian Edmond, President, Crank Software. “We are very excited to be a partner of Fujitsu and we look forward to a successful business relationship.”

Crank Software's Storyboard Suite brings IdeaBoxx to fruition and certifies the concept of a ‘quick-start’ environment that reflects true embedded system.

IdeaBoxx Jade (MB86R01) application development kit, with a part number IB-JADE-01, is available for purchase at $499 via

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Crank Software is an innovator in embedded user interface (UI) solutions, reducing the time, costs, and headaches that notoriously come hand-in-hand with UI development by letting designers and engineers work side-by-side. Crank products manage the UI lifecycle from design to deployment. Teams can use the software to develop, prototype, and refine the UI until it’s perfect – both in function and in design – and then deploy the UI for the final product. With a shorter development time and a more collaborative process, products get to market first with a higher ROI and a remarkable UI that builds brand loyalty.


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Fujitsu Semiconductor America, Inc. is a leading designer and developer of innovative semiconductor products and solutions for new generations of consumer, communications, automotive and industrial products. FSA provides a comprehensive portfolio of high-quality, reliable semiconductor products and services throughout North and South America. Founded in 1979 and headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, Fujitsu Semiconductor America is a wholly owned subsidiary of Fujitsu Semiconductor Limited (FSL), Japan.

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