Crank AMETEK introduces support for Figma within Storyboard

Ottawa, Canada – February 20, 2024Unlocking the potential of embedded GUI development with support for Figma

Your product's GUI holds the key to unlocking extraordinary experiences for your customers. Regardless of the market the product is built for, the user experience (UX) is a crucial element of the final product design. This is why many organizations dedicate significant time and effort to meticulously craft the perfect UX for their GUI applications. However, aligning the designer's vision with the actual GUI application being developed can often pose challenges for development teams.

Excitingly, we are thrilled to announce that Storyboard now offers seamless support for directly importing and re-importing files from Figma, the leading collaborative web application for UI design. With this native file-importing feature, development teams no longer need to invest countless hours in coding and attempting to recreate the designer's vision. By directly importing the native files into Storyboard, the development process becomes significantly streamlined and efficient.

Furthermore, Storyboard's cutting-edge rapid design and iteration technology empowers development teams to effortlessly introduce changes and updates to the GUI application without disrupting the ongoing work on back-end integrations. This revolutionary capability not only accelerates the development process of creating exceptional user experiences but also enables organizations to ensure that their products can be developed with a UI/UX that resonates with users and helps drive product differentiation.

By harnessing the power of Storyboard's seamless integration with Figma, organizations can enhance their ability to deliver unparalleled user experiences and stay at the forefront of innovation. 



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