Crank AMETEK unveils Validator an integrated embedded GUI testing 
framework for Storyboard

Crank AMETEK unveils a powerful new embedded GUI testing framework integrated into Storyboard to visitors of Embedded World 2023


OTTAWA, ONTARIO (March 14, 2023) – Crank AMETEK is thrilled to announce the upcoming release of their automated testing framework, Storyboard Validator, specifically designed to test embedded GUI applications built leveraging their embedded GUI development tool, Storyboard.

Since UIs are the central point of interaction for most embedded devices built today, making sure they perform as intended is a critical part of the development process. However, testing GUI applications can often be a manual and tedious task, causing development teams to push it off until later in the development process or skip it altogether due to tight deadlines. To make it easier for Storyboard GUI developers, Crank developed Validator, a GUI testing framework that can automate the testing workflow that is important for enhancing the user experience for GUI applications.

Crank's Validator is a powerful, yet easy-to-use GUI testing framework that helps streamline the testing process for the development of Storyboard-built GUI applications, in turn improving development efficiency.

"When we spoke to our customers, one of the things that we heard repeatedly was - they found testing GUI applications challenging," said Martin Jomphe, Business Director, Crank AMETEK. "Many were using a manual testing process that they either built themselves or purchased; however, neither provided the level of integration with their design tool that they desired. Our team created Validator to meet this need and to provide our customers with a powerful, easy-to-use, completely integrated, automated testing framework for their Storyboard-built embedded GUIs”, he added.

Catching issues earlier in development saves time and resources

Validator enables Storyboard users to easily create and execute tests across a broad range of devices to ensure that the GUI functions as intended. This includes being able to test the GUI application directly on MPU-based devices. Through Validator, development teams will be able to catch and fix issues earlier in development, increasing their overall development efficiency, improving the quality of the product experience, and saving valuable time and resources.

"Crank's embedded GUI testing framework, Validator, provided our team with a comprehensive and effective tool for testing the functionality and user experience of the embedded GUI we were developing", said Xiaolin Ma, Software Development Engineer, Dalian Zewin Technology Co., Ltd, "We look forward to using it again within our next project to help reduce the risk of software bugs and improve the project's development cycle.”

To demonstrate the first-hand experience of how Validator can add value to the Storyboard-built embedded GUI application development process, Crank AMETEK will be showcasing Validator at this year's Embedded World in Nuernberg, Germany (March 14 -16, 2023) in Hall 4, booth 4-559.


About Crank AMETEK:

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