Crank Software launches OS support for μC3 developers, debuts HMI software platform in Japan.


March 3, 2020

Crank Software launches OS support for μC3 developers, debuts HMI software platform in Japan.


OTTAWA, March 3, 2020 - Crank Software, together with its Japanese distributor, UQUEST, today announced that support for the μC3 RTOS is now available within its popular HMI screen design software, Storyboard. As one of the major iTRON RTOS in Japan, this announcement means embedded development teams in Asia now have access to the award-winning tool to create rich, brilliant graphics for their touch displays.

Storyboard was built to help embedded development teams create modern and intuitive touch screen experiences. Designers and developers work collaboratively in an effective workflow that ensures UX design elements are preserved, while always optimized for performance on the end-target. With Storyboard, teams can accelerate UI development, iterate on design changes more quickly and have maximum UI flexibility across hardware and OS platforms, resulting in unmatched performance and delightful customer experiences on touch devices.


“Up until now, most users of iTRON RTOS wouldn’t consider including a touchscreen on their embedded device, because of the lack of access to a sophisticated UI software tool, “ said Yoichi Yosoi, President, eForce. “We’re thrilled to now be able to provide our μC3 users with the option to add a modern graphical UI to their application with Storyboard, for organizations and consumers are demanding it.”

The addition of μC3 RTOS support for Asia Pacific builds upon Storyboard’s existing support of Linux, FreeRTOS, embOS, and QNX, helping design and UI-focused product companies around the world have increased access to tools that enable the creation of brilliant customer experiences.


“Our μC3 customer base has been eagerly awaiting the capability to build sophisticated GUIs that are possible with Storyboard, and as Crank’s distributor here in Japan, we’re thrilled to now be able to deliver upon this promise,” said Shoji Tanahashi, President and CEO, UQUEST. “Crank’s promise to help teams get rich, embedded graphics to market faster is something our Japanese engineering community now has the opportunity to capitalize upon.”


With close to two decades of industry expertise in embedded graphics application development, brands like Nintendo, Coca-Cola, John Deere, GE Appliances, and China Motors, rely on Crank Software for bridging the gap between vision and exceptional user experiences.

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Crank Software is a Canadian based innovator in embedded graphics solutions that help accelerate the design and development of the modern UI experience for tomorrow's embedded devices. Supported by a global distributor network, Crank is driving innovation and speed to market for brands wanting to deliver unmatched performance and delightful customer experiences. With close to two decades of domain expertise in embedded graphics applications development, brands like Coca-Cola, John Deere, and GE Appliances, rely on Crank for bridging the gap between vision and exceptional user experiences. To learn more, visit

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