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Design and development of embedded applications shouldn't be held up waiting for final platform decisions to be made. Crank Storyboard provides teams an easy-to-use environment to design and test user interfaces for applications, regardless of the intended target device. Fast deployment to mobile devices for real-feel testing with functional interfaces allows designers and developers to progress application development and refine the user experience throughout design iterations. 


Design and Development

Storyboard removes the technology barriers that separate the workflow between designers and developers. Regardiless of the final application platform target, designers and developers can work together in parallel, reducing the risk of developers misinterpreting the design intent, or of designers misunderstanding the technology contraints. With a shorter development time and a collaborative process, Storyboard allows you to create and deploy beautiful mobile applications quickly and with ease.




ImageDeployment and Testing

Deploying applications to mobile devices quickly for usabilty testing allows teams to be able to verify the UI experience and usability in a touch environment before target hardware is available.

Crank Storyboard gives designers and developers the flexibility and ease-of-use of a single solution for developing applications across multiple platforms, including Android and iOS, and multiple hardware devices, from basic to highly complex. 




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